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Mother Busted For Series Of Vile Snapchat Vids

Police: Defendant "victimized" her two young boys

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Snapchat Depravity

SEPTEMBER 16--In a series of vile Snapchat videos, a 26-year-old mother of two recorded herself engaging in sexual activity with her three-year-old son and, while breastfeeding her younger child, filmed the family dog licking her private parts, according to Florida court records.

Natalie Wagner, 26, is facing scores of felony counts in connection with 15 separate videos that investigators received last month from Snapchat following the issuance of a subpoena. Wagner, seen at right, is being held in the St. Lucie County jail in lieu of $1.2 million bond.

Until her arrest last month, Wagner shared a Port St. Lucie home with her husband and the couple's two young boys. At the time of Wagner’s bust, the minors were removed from the residence by child welfare officials. A judge has barred Wagner and her spouse--who has not been charged--from having any contact with the children.

The investigation of Wagner (seen above) began after Snapchat flagged her account and reported it to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Snapchat, cops say, detected that an illicit video had been uploaded to Wagner’s account in early-May and that the material was “distributed to other Snapchat users.”

The 30-second clip showed a “pre-pubescent male child with an erect penis having vaginal intercourse with an adult female,” according to investigators who charge that Wagner and her son, who turns four in December, are the individuals seen in the video.

Police noted that when they first questioned Wagner at her home on August 11, her eldest son “was wearing a Spiderman t-shirt similar to the one” worn by the victim seen on the Snapchat video. A photo of the child’s bedroom shows that a large Spiderman doll sits atop the boy’s bed, which is covered with a Spiderman comforter and pillow. Painted on the wall above the bed is the boy’s name and a likeness of the Marvel superhero.

Wagner, who works as a receptionist at an optometrist’s office, reportedly told cops that she provided “adult content to anyone that contacts her on her [OnlyFans] page as she is in need of money.” Via various social media accounts, Wagner has advertised her OnlyFans and FeetFinder accounts, and has published a price list for other offerings, like $10 “Lactation content,” $10 “Bathroom content,” and “FaceTime/video calls,” which cost $25.

In response to a Port St. Lucie Police Department subpoena, Snapchat produced 15 videos that, cops say, were created and uploaded between April 5 and May 9 and showed Wagner “was actively victimizing her biological children.”

An arrest affidavit provides a description of the recorded depravity. In several videos, Wagner is “sitting on the toilet naked while a dog licks her vagina.” In four of these clips, Wagner is breastfeeding her one-year-old son while engaged with the canine. Other videos show Wagner masturbating in the presence of her children, and even instructing one boy to “touch it nice.” A video recorded on May 9 shows Wagner breastfeeding one child while performing oral sex on the other boy. In a second video recorded that day, Wagner is naked and the older boy is “penetrating her vagina with his penis.”

When Wagner was initially asked about the clip flagged by Snapchat, she denied making the video, but instead claimed that “someone” had sent it to her. She subsequently said her account was “hacked and or taken over by a man that lives in Jamaica that was ‘pimping her.’”

The case against Wagner, who does not have a criminal record, has expanded to include a variety of felony counts, including possession of child pornography, incest, sexual battery on a child, and sexual activity with an animal. She is scheduled for arraignment on October 17. (5 pages)