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Floridian, 71, Nabbed In Water Pisstol Attack

Cops: Perp squirted female victim with his urine

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Water Pisstol Attack

4/16 UPDATE: In an interview today, Benjamin said that, “I lost my fucking temper and shot her in the face with my squirt gun filled with piss.” Calling the act “an egregious thing to do,” Benjamin said that he did not target the victim due to a neighborhood dispute. Instead, he spun a tale about being under government surveillance since his 2011 firing from a state job in New York, claiming that the woman he soaked with urine was a paid “snitch” keeping tabs on him.

APRIL 15--Armed with a water gun filled with his own urine, an elderly Florida Man squirted a woman several times as she walked her dog in front of his residence Saturday evening, according to a complaint affidavit.

Police charge that Joel Benjamin, 71, approached the female victim around 9:30 PM and “pulled out a water gun that contained his own urine.” The woman, 50, was walking her dog outside the Seaside Villas development in Gulfport.

Benjamin and the victim live in separate apartments at the complex.

When questioned by a Gulfport Police Department officer, Benjamin reportedly admitted that he “shot the victim with a water gun containing his own urine.” The septuagenarian was not remorseful, stating that he would “do it again,” the affidavit notes.

While court filings do not indicate why Benjamin targeted the woman, a source said that the defendant may have been angered by fellow residents failing to curb their dogs.

Seen above, Benjamin was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge and booked into the Pinellas County jail. He spent about 18 hours in custody before being released on $500 bond.

The attack, police say, “did not cause bodily harm” to the victim. (1 page)