Meet One Of The Notorious Naked Sisters

Petulant passenger nabbed following chase

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"Stay Right There"

APRIL 12--From the moment a Florida Highway Patrol officer contacted three naked women “air drying” themselves Wednesday morning near an Interstate 75 rest stop, suspect Jeniyah McLeod distinguished herself as a petulant jackass.

“Stay right there,” the 19-year-old McLeod directed the female cop as she approached the nude trio. “We need you to leave. We need you to walk away. Leave. Leave. Leave.”

McLeod and her companions--her sister Oasis, 18, and Cecilia Young, 19--then jumped into a Nissan Sentra and sped away, nearly striking a pedestrian. With Oasis driving, the women led cops on a high-speed chase that ended in a crash and their arrest on numerous criminal charges.

After getting tased as she struggled with officers trying to pull her from the Nissan, McLeod was handcuffed and placed in the back of a police cruiser outfitted with video cameras.

When a patrolman sat down behind the wheel, McLeod asked, “So what’s the plan? What’s going on?” When she did not get a reply, McLeod said, “I’m talking to you. You don’t wanna talk to me? Who ya textin' on Messenger?”

After McLeod continuously banged on the window to get someone’s attention, a cop opened the rear door. McLeod asked when she would be able to rejoin her friends. Told that was not possible since she was under arrest, McLeod replied, “I’m under arrest? Why? I wasn’t even driving.” 

She later asked, “Why am I under arrested? Oh, you guys are gonna kill me? Well, I don’t give permission for nobody to take my life.” She noted that cops would pay for this, since “karma’s a bitch.”

As officers explained that they would be placing a spit shield over her face and head, McLeod asked, “You’re trying to kill me with that?” She added, “You’re not going to kill me, are you? Are you gonna kidnap me? Are you gonna sex traffic me? What are you doing with me?”

Complaining that she was hot, McLeod began demanding water, telling a patrolman, “And let me see you with the water. I don’t know what you put in it.” When the water did not arrive, McLeod first tried bargaining with a cop (as seen in the below clip). Then she resorted to screaming at the top of her lungs (second clip).

After being read her rights, McLeod was questioned about the ownership of a bag of marijuana found in the Nissan. “It’s mine,” she replied. Asked where she got the pot, McLeod said, “You would like to know that?”

After a cop said it was up to her whether she wanted to name the dealer, McLeod replied, “Oh yeah, I would like to tell you. His name is Bubba.”

“That’s an interesting name,” the officer said.

“It is,” McLeod answered.

When the cop asked if Bubba was from Florida, McLeod said, “Yes, he is. I’m sure you know him.”

McLeod, who lives 90 miles north of New York City, remains locked up in the Pasco County jail on an assortment of felony and misdemeanor counts. Her combined bond is $17,200. (1 page)