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Thirteen Make The Cut For New Mug Shot Roundup

Another parade of the usual freaks, chiefs, and pinkos

Mug Shot Roundup

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Mugs: February 1, 2013

FEBRUARY 4--This week’s mug shot roundup kicks off with a pink-hued South Carolina woman, 43, who was arrested Wednesday for shoplifting. As for her fellow suspects, a few notes:

1) The overalls enthusiast on page #2 was busted Sunday by Missouri cops for assault; 2) The Tennessee woman on page #4 was nabbed Wednesday for public intoxication (but you probably figured that out); 3) The Florida man, 42, with the vulgar throat tattoo on page #5 was jailed for disorderly intoxication and possession of alcohol in public; 4) The 24-year-old Floridian on page #7 was collared Friday for prostitution; and 5) The soiled woman on page #12 was arrested Friday for domestic assault with a deadly weapon. (13 pages)