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We’ve Had It Up To Here With Drunk Drivers

Perp shirt may have answered question of "how many"

Mug Shot Roundup

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Mugs: August 1, 2014

AUGUST 4--This week’s mug shot review opens with a Chicago man, 63, who was nabbed Monday on a prostitution charge (he was seeking to pay, not be paid). As for his fellow arrestees, a few notes:

1) Why, yes, the 21-year-old Alabama man on page #4 was busted for drunk driving. What, did his t-shirt provide a clue?; 2) The beaming Oregonian, 25, on page #7 was collared for possession of methamphetamine; 3) A loss prevention officer proved to be the Krypotonite that disabled the Floridian on page #12. The 29-year-old Superman enthusiast was popped Wednesday for shoplifting; and 4) The 25-year-old Florida man on page #13 is allegedly an unlicensed Driver. Leesburg resident James Matthew Driver was jailed for driving with a suspended or revoked license. (13 pages)