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Not Easy Being Busted

Man with fondness for green kicks off roundup

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Not Easy Being Busted

AUGUST 6--Kermit the Frog is not the only green thing for which the man who leads off this week's mug shot roundup appears to have a fondness. The Floridian, 27, was busted Saturday on a marijuana possession charge.

As for the remaining arrestees, a couple of notes: 1) The 38-year-old guy on page #6, arrested for check forgery and theft, had a harder time eluding police than he did the camera; and 2) It is unclear if the body art on the 29-year-old perp on page #8 chronicles a past crime or one he plans on committing in the future. Either way, there's plenty of spare skin to memorialize his bust Monday for battery on law enforcement and resisting arrest. (10 pages)

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Change is good! Love the new site -- all except the colors. All that red is a -REALLY- hard on the eyes, guys - maybe a black background instead of red? Hoping someone makes stylish code for it soon. I know you can't please all the people all the time 'n all that, it's just my humble opinion. As for the mugshot - On the old site, you'd have the text of what they were arrested for on top their picture. I would welcome the return of that feature. By the time you get to page 8, it's easy to forget what you said about him back on the first page. Thanks, keep up the good work.
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That's a bit judgemental. You never know Mel, anyone can go to jail. Remember Going to Jail does'nt mean you are Convicted. Prison means you are Convicted. Jail and Prison are different. This guy was simply arrested.
poor excuse of a human.