Cheerleaders In Bathroom Brawl

Cops: Carolina Panthers pair were getting busy in Tampa bar loo

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Cheerleaders In Bathroom Brawl

TopCat Cheerleaders

11/8 UPDATE: The cheerleaders arrested for that Tampa bathroom brawl have been booted from the Carolina Panthers squad for allegedly engaging in conduct embarrassing to the team. In what many will likely view as a double standard since NFL stars are regularly arrested but allowed to continue playing, Renee Thomas and Angela Keathley will now have to seek another outlet for which to shake their pom-poms. While the Panthers have removed any mention of the duo from the section of the team's web site devoted to the cheerleading squad, you can click here for screen grabs of the pair's purged TopCat bios. A third cheerleader, Kristen Owen, was suspended since Thomas, 20, was carrying her driver's license when popped (Owen was not in Tampa at the time).

NOVEMBER 7--Judging by the flood of demanding e-mails that TSG has received, many of you seem deeply interested in the Tampa Police Department report memorializing Sunday's bust of two Carolina Panthers cheerleaders.

As you're obviously aware, cops contend that Angela Keathley, 26, and Renee Thomas, 20, were engaged in some kind of sexual activity in a bar bathroom when other female patrons waiting to use the facilities began beefing. According to criminal report affidavits, copies of which you'll find here, Thomas responded by clocking one complaining gal in the face.

The underage Thomas, who gave arresting officers the ID of Kristen Owen, another Panthers cheerleader, was charged with battery, while Keathley was hit with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest raps.

After the 2:20 AM scrum at the Banana Joe's bar, Keathley and Thomas were booked into the Hillsborough County Sheriff's lockup, where the above mug shots were snapped. They were released on bond after spending several hours in custody. (4 pages)