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Kobe Police File Released

Memos detail accuser's story, Shaq slur, and a soiled t-shirt

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Kobe Police File Released

Kobe Bryant On Shaq

Kobe Bryant Apology

Kobe Bryant Police Affidavit

Kobe Bryant T-Shirt Evidence

OCTOBER 4--With Friday's release of 350 pages of investigative reports compiled during the Kobe Bryant rape case, a more complete picture of the July 2003 incident has emerged, including the accuser's account--in her own words.

At left you'll find the 32-page transcript of the woman's videotaped interview with Colorado's Eagle County Sheriff's Office. During that meeting, the woman, then 19, was insistent that her encounter with Bryant was not consensual and that the NBA star heard her when she told him "no" several times. Asked by Detective Doug Winters how she knew Bryant heard her, the woman answered, "Because every time I said no, he tightened his hold around me."

Included in the material released by the sheriff, was the supplemental report quoting Bryant describing how Shaquille O'Neal supposedly handles bimbo eruptions (Shaq's name is redacted), Bryant's apology letter to his female accuser, and the affidavit in support of the athlete's arrest, which gives a detailed overview of the case

But for TSG's money, the two most disturbing reports deal with a white t-shirt of Bryant's that was seized as evidence (Bryant said he used the garment for onanistic purposes following the hotel room encounter with the woman).

When Winters requested the soiled item, Bryant threw it at the investigator, who "caught the t-shirt around the neck region." After Winters told Bryant he should not have thrown the garment, the athlete apparently sought to allay concerns that Winters may have found himself in a sticky situation. "Bryant told me he didn't 'shoot it' that far up. Meaning he didn't ejaculate that far up the t-shirt," noted Winters.

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