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Burger Lover Busted After Police Chase

Driver wanted to finish meal before surrendering

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Burger Flight

JANUARY 19--A Louisiana motorist who last night led police on a “lengthy pursuit” before surrendering told cops that he did not initially stop his vehicle “because he wanted to eat his burger that he just purchased,” according to an arrest report.

A Monroe Police Department officer reported trying to pull over a 2006 Chevrolet Impala that had been traveling “with its high beams activated, which made it harder for me to see the roadway when approaching the vehicle.”

But when the cop activated his lights and siren around 11:10 PM, the driver of the Impala did not stop. Instead, the vehicle “then lead officers on a lengthy pursuit reaching 60 MPH in a posted 25 MPH zone without stopping.”

After going through “approximately 6 stop signs without making complete stops,” driver Allen Seaberry, 37, pulled up in front of his Monroe home around midnight and “exited the vehicle holding a hamburger.”

Seaberry, seen above, was handcuffed and read his rights. He then told police that he “couldn’t stop due to his brakes being out and because he wanted to eat his burger that he just purchased.”

Seaberry was booked into the local jail on a felony aggravated flight count. He was also charged with three misdemeanors, including driving without a license and driving an uninsured vehicle. Additionally, Seaberry was charged with failure to appear in court in connection with a pending 2020 battery case.

The arrest report does not further describe the burger to which Seaberry was so devoted (or where it was purchased). (2 pages)