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Bandit Busted For Finger Gun Bank Heist

Cops: Man nabbed minutes after robbing $120

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Finger Gun Heist

OCTOBER 11--Armed with only a finger gun tucked under his shirt, a Florida Man yesterday robbed a bank, but was arrested within ten minutes of pulling off the $120 heist, police report.

According to investigators, Paul James Sinclair, 56, entered a Chase branch in Seminole around 1:25 PM Monday and approached teller Desiree Stefanik.

“With his hand under his shirt,” cops charge, Sinclair “made the shape of a gun with his finger” and demanded that Stefanik hand over cash. Sinclair also “advised her not to push any buttons as he waited for her to open her drawer.”

After the bank employee handed over $120, Sinclair fled the crime scene, according to a criminal complaint.

Pictured above, Sinclair, who cops describe as a transient, was arrested at 1:36 PM and charged with robbery. He is being held in the county jail in lieu of $10,000 bond on the felony count.

The complaint notes that no weapons (or digits) were seized from Sinclair. (1 page)