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Cops Catch Up To Motorcycle Moron

Rider, 24, filmed police pursuit and a variety of illegal antics

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Motorcycle Moron

FEBRUARY 9--Reminder: When recklessly riding your speeding, unregistered motorcycle through city streets while being pursued by police, do not record your illegal exploits and upload the video evidence to YouTube.

Also, don’t warn a fellow rider that, “We’re going to be doing illegal shit.”

Police say Javan Gomes, 24, made those mistakes last month when racing through St. Petersburg, Florida streets atop his yellow Surron Ultra Bee, an electric motorcycle. Via a helmet-mounted camera, Gomes recorded himself driving on one wheel, going through red lights, riding the wrong way, and traveling on sidewalks.

When unmarked police vehicles and a squad car with its lights flashing began chasing him, Gomes taunted officers, gave them the finger, and screamed, “Fuck you!” He also yelled at one cop, “Why you so mad?” and mockingly declared, “Oh, I’m scared.”

A 9:26 video of the January 23 encounter was uploaded the following day to Gomes’s YouTube account (“RidinwitJAY”) for the enjoyment of his 92 subscribers. The clip, seen above, is titled, “Cops tried to take down Surron.”

Investigators yesterday morning caught up with Gomes, who was identified “via various contacts with him seen in the city, and through his social media accounts.” He was charged with fleeing and eluding police, a felony, and three misdemeanors. Cops seized a firearm from him when he was taken into custody.

Gomes is locked up in the county jail on $17,150 bond in advance of a court hearing this afternoon. He is seen in the below mug shot and the above photo from his Instagram page. (1 page)