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Battery Suspect Told Cops He Sensed Infidelity

South Carolina perp claimed to "smell sex in the air"

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Sex In The Air

JANUARY 25--A man arrested following a confrontation with his live-in girlfriend about alleged infidelity told police that he “could smell sex in the air” when he returned Saturday afternoon to his South Carolina home.

Cops were summoned to the Spartanburg residence after the victim alleged that Barry Sloan, 46, “mushed” her face with his hand and sought to yank her phone from her grasp.

During police questioning, the suspicious Sloan, seen at right, said that he “came home and could smell sex in the air,” adding that he knew the victim was “sleeping around on him.”

Sloan’s purported olfactory prowess is not further described by investigators.

The woman told officers that, during an argument, Sloan accused her of referring to “that nigga you’ve had up in here having sex with.” Cops noted that the woman said “her hand hurt where Mr. Sloan had tried to take the phone from her.”

The couple, according to a police report, have dated for a year and have been living together since September.

Sloan was arrested on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge and booked into the county jail. He was released from custody Sunday morning after posting bond.

Pictured in the above mug shot, Sloan, a convicted felon, is on probation for a 2014 cocaine possession conviction. His rap sheet also includes multiple trespassing collars, as well as a larceny bust. (1 page)