MUG SHOTS: Strippers

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Sad to say..i would be suckered in to spending my money.
them's some low riding boobs.
What happened to her tits?
Courtney Love is looking good!!
sorry, we only give shirts to girls that have somerhing to cover up
Mom? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!
Wouldn't kick her out of bed for eatin crackers that's for sure.
I always liked my women "a little on the trashy side"
I thought the best looking ones were always Cops?
If she looks this good right off the street, then imagine what she would look like with a regular paying job.
Charges should be dropped if you're too stupid to correctly spell your offense.
If she ever wants to relocate to Australia she can come work for me
If all hookers looked this hot we'd all be broke
Hey jprice3 , the picture was taken july 28,2005,she's born in 1980 making her 25 in this pic,SWEET!
sorry that is her dob, Yep I'd tap it
Ok guys this is 2010, picture from 1980, she is at least 50 or older, she is a scank anyway
ill put some miles on that
Good looking, but she looks a little worn.
I would wave a dollar at her.
Mmmm... tasty!