Fearing Coronavirus, Man, 75, Pulled Gun On Masked Women, Warned Them To "Get Back"

Fearful of catching the coronavirus, a 75-year-old man pointed a handgun at two women wearing face masks and gloves during an encounter at a post office in Georgia, police charge.

According to cops, Harvey Taratoot was in the post office Sunday when he confronted the victims. Taratoot yelled at the duo--a grandmother and her 18-year-old granddaughter--“to get back.”

The women, who were not hurt during the incident, told police that they were “wearing medical masks and gloves when they entered the post office” in Alpharetta, a city 25 miles north of Atlanta. Upon walking into the post office, they were immediately met by the gun-toting Taratoot, police say.

After threatening the women, Taratoot fled the post office, but not before apologizing to the victims and advising them to avoid touching the post office’s door. As Taratoot drove away, one of the women photographed his license plate. He was subsequently arrested at his Alpharetta home, where officers found him with a holstered firearm.

During an interview with police, Taratoot confessed that he pointed his gun at the women due to his fear of catching the coronavirus.

Pictured above, Taratoot was arrested on a felony weapons charge and booked into the Fulton County jail. The septuagenarian was released from custody Monday on $1500 bond.