McDonald's Hamburglar Arrested After Video Of Drive-Thru Break-In Goes Viral

The Maryland Hamburglar was arrested this morning.

After video of a break-in earlier this month at a McDonald’s restaurant went viral, cops today arrested Jessica Marie Cross, 27, on burglary and theft charges.

According to investigators, a McDonald’s employee arrived to work on November 5 to discover the burglary, which netted the thief $1400.

When Howard County cops reviewed store surveillance video, they saw the burglar--now identified as Cross--arrive at the drive-thru window in a Hyundai Sonata around 1 AM on November 5. The restaurant was closed at the time.

As seen in the above video, after Cross pushed open the unlocked window, she leaned in and got a fountain drink. She then wedged her way through the window and proceeded to spend about 35 minutes in the eatery before departing (apparently through the front door).

In addition to cash, Cross (seen in the adjacent mug shot) allegedly swiped a purse, Happy Meal toys, and food items.

Cops charge that Cross can be seen “attempting to disable the surveillance system, wipe her fingerprints from the area and wash the cash drawers to remove her fingerprints.”