Many Donald Trump Fans Are Law-Abiding Citizens (Just Not This Guy)

While many MAGA devotees are law-abiding citizens, a Florida Man wearing a Donald Trump t-shirt was arrested yesterday for domestic battery and methamphetamine possession, records show.

Police responding to a call about a disturbance at a residence in Cove Springs arrested Joseph Sweet, 37, for allegedly striking his wife with a cell phone charger. The blow, cops say, left the 39-year-old victim with a “welt across her chest.”

During post-arrest searches, officers found meth, marijuana, and assorted drug paraphernalia in Sweet’s pockets and backpack. When asked about hitting his wife, Sweet reportedly said that he threw the charger at her “a little hard.”

Pictured above, Sweet was booked into the Clay County jail on domestic battery and narcotics charges. He is being held in lieu of $12,760 bond.

Sweet’s rap sheet includes convictions for theft; battery; domestic battery; violating a protective order; possession of drug paraphernalia; driving with a suspended license; marijuana possession; and violating probation.

A police inventory of Sweet’s tattoos notes that he has a “rebel flag” inked on one leg and the words “Crazy White Boy” on an arm.