The World Premiere Of "2 Guys, 1 Pool," The Notorious Water Sports Film

The decision by two Florida nitwits to plead out to charges that they defaced a hotel swimming pool with human excrement was likely hastened by the fact that surveillance video caught them in the repulsive act.

Andrew Harris, 18, and Michael Cline, 20, were busted in August after they defaced, as it were, the pool of the Renaissance Vinoy Resort and Golf Club in St. Petersburg. When the duo’s cases recently closed out, TSG took a closer look (perhaps too close) at the pair’s handiwork via a series of evidence photos released by the St. Petersburg Police Department in response to an open records request.

As seen below, that same request yielded a video--taken by a hotel security camera--in which Cline and Harris can be seen wading in the pool before Harris reaches into his swim trunks and then dives underwater to leave the telltale ‘X’ on the pool floor.

The two perps then make a quick exit, with Harris pausing momentarily to try and shake off the evidence.

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Just glad they didn't have video from the elevator of me grabbing my ankles for Andrew