In Case You're Wondering, Suspect's Forehead Confirms That God Loves You

Meet Robert Norton Kennedy.

The South Carolina man, 51, was arrested Saturday morning for assault and battery. He is being held in the Horry County jail on lieu of $5000 bail.

According to the suspect’s forehead, which quotes Matthew 19:26, “With God All Things Are Possible.” Noting that “God Loves You,” Kennedy’s melon also seeks forgiveness in the event he says or does anything stupid.

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I gotta eyeball tatooed on the head of my p#nis. Great for tonsil inspections !
wow I miss Rainbow wig dude.at the games.
my forehead tat just says "god" with "69" right below it, both surrounded by a 5 point star
Now that's classy. I only have a tattoo on my buttocks that says "One way."
Its embarrassing to realize that as a person, this guy comes with a warning.
No no no- its great he warns the rest of us. Keeps us from wasting time on him! Keep it simple stupid!!!
Could be that he's no fool. What a great way to get away with all kinds of things. People say, "Awww, he doesn't know any better, he's just crazy."
wow. kinda sad to see how the Kennedys have fallen.
great to see them in the news again. lol
I'm not sure that's the best way to spead the word.