Ohioan Becomes First Woman To Join List Of Arrestees With Terrible Forehead Tattoos

If you thought terrible forehead tattoos were limited to male perps, meet Jamie Calloway.

The 33-year-old Ohio woman was arrested last night and booked into the Montgomery County jail on a misdemeanor menacing by stalking count.

According to a Montgomery County Sheriff's Office spokesperson, the alleged stalking victim is a female corrections officer whom Calloway "took a liking to" during a prior jail term. Calloway allegedly has slashed the woman’s tires, called her home, and sent her packages in the mail.

Calloway, who is being held in lieu of $10,000 bail, is scheduled to appear in court today at 11:15 AM. Her rap sheet dates back more than a decade and includes collars for obstruction, criminal damage, domestic violence, theft, trespass, aggravated menacing, and drug possession.

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