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"Genius" Busted For Assaulting Pregnant Woman

Cops: Tattooed Ohio felon clobbered victim with gun

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Genius Arrested

FEBRUARY 2--Fresh from prison, an Ohio man with the word “Genius” tattooed on his forehead is facing an assault charge for allegedly striking a pregnant woman in the head with a gun.

Jerome Smith, 27, was arrested yesterday for allegedly battering Tiera Bryant Saturday at a Cincinnati residence. Bryant is eight months pregnant, according to an affidavit filed in Hamilton County Municipal Court.

Pictured in the mug shot at right, Smith is jailed in lieu of $50,000 bond. Along with his questionable “Genius” ink, Smith has “Omerta” tattooed on his throat. The Italian word’s common definition refers to the Mafia’s code of silence.

Smith’s bust came less than three months after his release from prison on a narcotics charge. His rap sheet also includes a 2003 collar for attempted murder, burglary, and drug possession. Smith spent more than five years in prison following his conviction in that case. (2 pages)

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Why was this person released in the first place?
From Jerome Smith’s Facebook What’s up xxxxxxx? (N word)! Needs Job Sxxx (S word) I can hilp make your busines grow! I can grind time … no sweat. I got good work stuff ... metal working (liscnse plates), cleaning pants and stuff .. top sxxx (S word) folding pants sherts and stuff … Hacks loved my tight paks. I got me a 8 month pregnant Bitch . Need some Aces. No Fxxxxxx (F word) way I hit her with a gun …. She is a Faking Liar. Man, I is fighting these Aggies. My Mouth said “yo Man stay still” Need some Aces …
When did we start spelling Dumbass(genius) Would you even hire this guy to flip burgers at Mickie D's. This guy is such a lowlife he cannot pick on a man he has to pistol whip a woman.He probably wanted to go back inside whatever facility he came out of,to meet up or should I say meat up with his boyfriend/girlfriend. Am a retired correctional officer from the State of Missouri we are not talking rocket scientist here. This is one of the milder tattoo jobs I've seen.
Boy oh boy....what a dumb ash-hole piece of sh-at. Someone please lose this turd bucket in a deep well somewhere.....and off his two low-life stupid parents, or was "it" hatched?
Another poster boy for the Retroactive Abortion movement.
What a great idea! Call this group R.A.M.
This guy obviously misses his boyfriend bubba, so why not give him/her what they want. This time could we please keep him/her in jail for the rest of their life.?
Hail to vbvb for that one :D
Its "cursive writing", a G looks like a J, but the head of the G is still wrong!
Are you serious? I wonder who's the Genius here.. The way he has it spelled is the correct way using that way of writing in Cursive
Would anyone really care if he just came up "missing"?
What spirit would possess a person to do that to himself?
So thats what a pathetic three time loser piece of shiat looks like? Everybody get to WORK, we must support the prison system to house low life mother-***s like this guy.
Why does he have the Chinese symbols for Spicy Szechuan Chicken tattooed on his face?
Can't we just execute these people?
I am a retired prison guard from Illinois and had one inmate with F**k you tattooed on his forehead. really classy people
First I wish to compliment the officer on his ability to describe the charge with a clear description that contains the elements of the crime. Well done! As for this human trash. Why are we allowing animals to roam the street? This guy should never be allowed to share space in normal society. Dangerous animals require confinement for the safety of all!
Ah, having all of those tattoos on your face is a sure-way to never having to bother with that troublesome job market most of us face every day. If a Genius gets his edumacashun by having it needled in a poorly-designed font on his forehead, sign me up! I want to be the next Steven Hawking, damnit!
and if viewed in a mirror the tattoo reads "imadumbass".