Wisconsin Woman Who Groped Ex-Boyfriend's Groin Hit With 30-Day Jail Sentence

A Wisconsin woman convicted of sexually assaulting a former boyfriend who agreed to give her a ride home from a bar has been sentenced to 30 days in jail and ordered to pay the man nearly $1600, according to Circuit Court records.

Pamela Hammersley, 38, entered a no contest plea Friday to the misdemeanor count, which was filed earlier this year after her bizarre encounter with ex-beau Troy Trzeciak.

As detailed in a City of Manitowoc Police report, Trzeciak, 41, told cops that he had agreed to pick up Hammersley at Saucy’s Sports Bar “because she was very drunk, he was sober, and she needed a ride home.”  Hammersley, seen in the mug shot at right, and Trzeciak had lived together for two years before breaking up a month earlier.

While in transit, Trzeciak told cops, “Pamela tried undoing the zipper on his jeans so she can perform fellatio.” When she “tried getting his penis out,” Trzeciak said he told her to stop “because there were people around and it was not the right time.”

At this point, police reported, Hammersley became upset and “began taking Troy’s property from the back seat.” When he told her to stop, Hammersley “returned to Troy’s groin and attempted to bite his penis.” Trzeciak pushed Hammersley away, and tried to get her out of his Chevrolet Celebrity.

Trzeciak, who then opted to drive to the police station, told officers that, en route, Hammersley grabbed the steering wheel and “put his car in reverse several times” while the vehicle was in motion. As a result of her actions, Trzeciak said, he “nearly struck a parked vehicle and a tree.”

When questioned by police, Hammersley “denied trying to force Troy to have sex.” She subsequently noted that she and Trzeciak “practiced dominatrix” and that he had sent her texts telling her “to be ready.” While Hammersley showed cops texts from Trzeciak “that did have some reference to dominatrix,” the messages had been sent eight hours earlier.

Hammersley is scheduled to serve her 30 days under the county jail’s work release program. In addition to paying $343 in court costs, she has to pay Trzeciak $1,576.90 to cover damage caused to his vehicle’s transmission when she repeatedly grabbed his shifter.