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Donut-Stealing Urinator Solicited Cop Sex

Officer rejected "speak into the microphone" offer


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Money Maker Affidavit

OCTOBER 12--What kind of a person steals a donut from a car, proceeds to pull down her pants and urinate in a parking lot, and, when being questioned by cops, offers to perform a sex act on the officer for $80?

Meet Shantell Ishem.

The Oklahoma woman, 27, was nabbed early yesterday morning in connection with a bizarre incident outside a convenience store in Bartlesville, according to an amusing police affidavit.

After pinching the donut from a parked truck, Ishem allegedly relieved herself outside the OnCue convenience store. The vehicle’s owner, Jason Jones, “desired prosecution for the theft of his donut,” cops noted. Ditto store clerk Jeremy Binkley, who wanted Ishem, pictured in the mug shot at right, prosecuted for trespassing.

When apprised that she was under arrest for vehicle burglary, trespassing, and indecent exposure, Ishem “said she understood.” Ishem then noted that she was “sitting on (her) money maker,” and allegedly began propositioning Officer R.S. Detherow. She offered to perform a sex act on the cop for $80, and “became explicit and said that she would ‘speak into the microphone’ and other such metaphors for fellatio.”

Those metaphors are not further described in Detherow’s affidavit, which notes that Ishem was also charged with soliciting prostitution.

She is being held in lieu of $20,000 bond at the Washington County jail. (2 pages)

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$80.00 before or after she eats the glazed doughnut???
Sounds like a standard Friday night.
This is believe it or not my son that this hapened to. He is only 17. I cant believe they released his name and it ended up on this website!
That really is too bad. I didn't think that was sposed to happen to juveniles, but I guess, it does happen. Its good that u brought it up here tho. Thank you.
So she would have ended up on Detherow for vehicle burglary, trespassing, and indecent exposure? Maybe the governor would have granted a reprieve!
Inflation. LoL. On a similar note: damn, that girl is naaaaasty! O.k., just read the affadavit, and I can't stop laughing. I'm just imagining the look on this cop's face as she tells him that she wants him to f* her until she begs him to stop. Add to that the serious tone in which the statement mentions that Officer so-and-so photographed the partially eaten donut for evidence and I've been ROTFL for a good 10 minutes now.
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$80??? $20 toothless hairless crackless [ladies-of-the-night] can be found elsewhere if you just spent a little time dare she inflate the price!
No, no, no. You've got it all wrong. $80 is very reasonable since she's also throwing in water sports and a free Continental breakfast.
80 dollars? What's this world coming to...