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Woman Busted For Bloody Tongue Assault

Wisconsin suspect severed husband’s mouth organ


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Tongue Bitten Off

DECEMBER 7--What kind of a woman bites off her 79-year-old husband’s tongue and then poses for a mug shot flashing her pearly whites?

Meet Karen Lueders.

The 57-year-old Wisconsin woman was arrested Monday evening on a felony mayhem-domestic violence count after she allegedly bit off half of her husband Willard’s tongue while kissing him, according to investigators.

Willard Lueders was transported to a hospital about 50 miles from the couple’s Sheboygan home, so doctors could attempt to re-attach the tongue.

It is unclear why Karen, pictured in the above mug shot, bit off Willard’s tongue. Though Willard--in written responses to police questions--said that his wife was a in "manic state" when he was attacked, and had been "talking very fast and talking about spiritual things" over the past few days.

Willard said that he had gotten up at around 11:15 PM to go to the bathroom, where his wife was sitting on the toilet. “He advised that he kissed her while she was sitting on the toilet and that she had gone into a manic state, biting off his tongue,” according to a criminal complaint filed today. Willard added that his wife had also grabbed his penis.

Responding to a 911 call from Willard, police found Karen outside their home, where she was singing Christmas carols with a New Year's horn in her hand.

According to a page on the Faith Alliance Church web site, Karen Lueders is a “full-time Activity Director for the elderly” who shares “a music ministry named ‘His Harmony’” with her husband. Lueders, the church notes, “teaches good thoughts in Christ are mandatory for a life of love and service.”

In April, Lueders, who has two grown daughters and five grandchildren, spoke at a women’s church seminar entitled “Misfeeding Our Appetites.” Lueders lectured attendees on how to “Gain understanding into what you are really hungry for, ‘retrain your brain,’ and seek out what will really fill you up. Live the life God intends for you to live!”

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Singing Christmas carols? Shouldn't she have been singing 'Skip to the loo, my darling'? Now her husband needs to add a phrase to 'All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth...'.
@jdg614....I wouldn't let this creature anywhere near me - judging by this photo....I don't think I'd risk a 'BJ' from her either - until she has a had mental capacity exam...You never know - she may want to "SNAP" at your junk!!! That hurt's just writing it!!
@Jeandarc....Have you taken your "Meds" today?? - Plse take a double dose...Your wiring is all screwed up!!!
She's either completely "Lost The Plot" - or she's on drugs!!! *Possessed* is another word that comes to mind....I wonder if being 22 yrs the junior to her husband had anything to do with it as well?? Maybe she was trying to scare him to death for - you guessed it $$$!!
One must be most careful when swapping spit and wrapping tongues with a psycho.....
@Jeandarc Seriously? you can find an excuse for this kind of psychotic behaviour? This is what Christians do?
Full understanding here for Mrs. Lueders, as I am also a Christian woman in ministry, of the same age. Churches are so much 'like the world' these days that Christian men think physical relations with their wives are the be-all and end-all, and they line up for Viagra with all the other jocks who never open a Bible. Talk about "Misfeeding Our Appetites," all right, which was the topic of her April seminar. Mrs. Lueders, like many Christian women, does not believe in divorce and would dread the whole ugly experience. But her one place of solitude, on the toilet (to which we are all entitled), was probably the scene of another unwanted 'pass' from her 79 year-old husband, who should have known better. I'm not surprised she 'lost it'. What kind of Christmas do we gals have to look forward to? More insulting nonsense from our mates, while we are forced to wear plastic smiles for the family. It's time people had a reality check.
Willard "kissed her while she was sitting on the toilet." It looks like they took this mug shot while she was still sitting on the toilet, straining to move her bowels.
Willard, You are one lucky guy! Let's see now, she grabs your penis but bites your tongue off? Could have been much worse!