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Burlesque Busts Result In Burlesque Busts

Police cite Des Moines duo for "prohibited acts"


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Burlesque Bust

OCTOBER 3--A pair of burlesque performers were cited Saturday night for “prohibited acts” after Iowa cops, responding to a citizen complaint, “observed a full breast on each defendant at different times,” according to an arrest report.

Des Moines police were dispatched to the Ingersoll nightclub after an unnamed individual complained about the “Burlesque Baby!!!” revue, which is describes as the “Naughtiest Show in Des Moines” on its Facebook page.

Inside the club, Sergeant Chris Hardy and Officer Robert Hoelscher established an observation post from which they spotted the full breasts of Erin O’Grady and Julia Mahlstadt. The 27-year-old O’Grady, who produced the burlesque show, performs as “Phoenix L’Amour.” Mahlstadt, 25, who hosted the September 30 performance, uses the stage names “Madam Jules.”

O’Grady (left) and Mahlstadt are pictured above flanking a male performer known as “Sven.” O’Grady can also be seen at far left in red panties and yellow tassels.

Along with spotting bare breasts with their naked eyes, Hardy and Hoelsecher also apparently memorialized the activity on tape. As Hoelscher noted in his report, “Both Incidents were recorded and then observed by both Sgt. Hardy and I.” Admission to the 21-and-over performance cost $10, so the Des Moines operation apparently set back police $20.

While O’Grady was being issued a citation, “she stated that her breast did come out, but it was an accident.” (2 pages)