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Sheryl Crow, The Queen Of Green

Singer’s 2010 rider demands recycled toilet paper, offers promoters “greening” tips

 Sheryl Crow

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Sheryl Crow Rider

AUGUST 11--Touring the United States and Europe this year, Sheryl Crow arrives at venues with an assortment of environmental demands certain to vex concert promoters, according to a review of the musician’s 2010 backstage rider.

The document, excerpted here, actually has a 2-1/2 page “environmental portion” to be “strictly followed and policed.” Seeking to “minimize the overall environmental impact of our tour,” Crow demands that only biodegradable cups and dinnerware be used by the caterer. Produce should be “organic and purchased from local suppliers as much as possible.” And for the five backstage “watering stations,” water “must be sourced from a local spring water vendor.”

According to Crow’s rider, her tour party travels between gigs in two 45-foot buses, while her equipment is packed into two tractor-trailers.

Crow, 48, also offers promoters “venue greening suggestions.” She wants “traditional light bulbs” swapped out for compact fluorescent bulbs in “all offices, dressing rooms and common areas.” “Eco-friendly cleaning and bathroom products” and “post-consumer recycled toilet paper and paper towel” should also be used. Crow’s rider also notes that, “We strongly encourage you to use renewable sources and/or to buy sustainable energy credits where possible. Many local utilities offer ‘green power’ as an option--please check with yours and opt in.”

The document also details how Crow’s backstage hospitality room is to be stocked. The singer needs an assortment of “biodegradable non-petroleum cups” and 24 “disposable napkins made of 100% recycled fiber.” Crow’s rider also lists a wide variety of drinks and snacks that she needs, including organic coconut water and two bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon (“Sheryl’s Favorite” is Stag’s Leap Artemis). Two “good quality, dark, organic chocolate bars” are described as “***VERY IMPORTANT***”

[Our copy of Crow’s 2010 rider has a number of items crossed out. It is unclear whether this indicates that the individual items had been obtained, or whether the promoter declined to supply them.]

As in a prior Crow rider, the current version includes her specific liquor schedule. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, she needs a small bottle of Ketel One vodka that will be mixed with a half-gallon of organic cranberry juice. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, Crow requires a bottle of Patron tequila that will be mixed with a half-gallon of organic grapefruit juice. (6 pages)

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Anyone remember The Dixie Chicks? Crow is going down the same road, she'll be a distant thought soon. Then again she did do Hannah Montana so maybe Disney will sign her on since they are all into going green too! LMAO
Would hate to be anywhere near Ms Stinkybutt
Queen of Green??? The "Gibson Sheryl Crow Signature Artist Series Acoustic-Electric Guitar" is made of sitka spruce, which is a depleted resource. I rest my case....
I registered here just so that I could say, "what a loon". Do what Gore does and buy carbon offsets in companies that you have stock in. That way you can feel cosmically superior to all of us, talk about how you're saving the planet, and reap a huge profit at the same time.
She probably couldn't peddle fast enough to keep up with Lance Armstrong. She prob. never needs to use TP, uses her fingers, then runs a bunch of water to wash it off. I thought we were supposed to conserve fresh water too.
Eh, why not? She has been recycling crap on her CD's for years.
I can just see the next "save to world" presidential ticket - Gore Crow 2016. God save us. Then again, not to worry; Obama will. When will people stop worshipping these hypocritical liberal elitists? Ignorant Americans are getting what they deserve. You buy their crap and vote them into office. Amazing...
I'd be happy to give her some of my used TP.
She's spoiled, arrogant, and delusional. If she were truly serious about reducing her "carbon footprint," she'd cancel her whole energy-guzzling tour. She's no more serious than a "dieter" who orders a hot fudge sundae and brags about leaving the cherry because she's counting calories. Pathetic.
True, using recycled paper products to reduce carbon footprints is largely a joke. Fact of the matter is there are some things that technology is as of yet not so good at recycling and that includes rubber, paper, and plastic. There are some things that we're really good at recycling which include metals. Many recycled products are actually bad for the environment since it boils down to using more fossil fuels to produce an inferior product. Going organic won't do much either. There are merits to preserving top soil, but unfortunately there isn't enough land available to use 100% organic methods. But in her defense, outlandish often tongue in cheek rider demands are par for the course as we've seen on this site time and time again, and truthfully they're rarely fulfilled completely. And the Drudge headline was very disingenuous, suggesting that she supports reusing toilet paper and not that she suggests making toilet paper out of recycled paper products.
This is the same woman who wanted all of us to use one sheet of TP. Thank goodness Lance Armstrong saw she was a nut job. He's better off without her. I recycled things long before she was born, so I don't need this uneducated woman telling me how to be conservative.
Yes, I believe in recycling. Someone pass me the Sears Roebuck catalog.
Isn't this the clueless idiot that wants everyone to use only one square? Maybe she should publicly demonstrate the technique?
But the toilet paper is just like her music-- scratchy, unoriginal and decomposes quickly.
She doesn't know that pulpwood trees are an agricultural crop. They are planted on farmland thereby increasing the net number of trees. Wiping with recycled paper won't save the planet. She can wipe her pretty butt with a whole roll and help the planet while keeping her nails clean. First cycle paper is less likely to tear and cause her to stick her fingers in it.
This woman is sick and should be put in a padded room for her own protection!
Who farted?
Right who farted, she should eat her shiat and die.
What's that smell ...
Everyone that shakes this thing's hand should know the last time she wiped her butt she claims she only used six squares of 1-ply recyclable TP. Now that's a lady. Don't go digging without 2-ply!
Either that, or put a cork in either end of her and be done with it.
Rome is burning and this ding dong is demanding recylced toilet paper? Hollywood is clueless.
ok , Cut the crap. Use tp all you want. the more the better, ok gang Wipe away..
I dated a woman like her once. And the operative word here is "ONCE". When the panties stay up by themselves while you're pulling, that ain't library paste, my friend.
Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary: Moron (n); See entry on "Cheryl Crow".
She should retitle one of her songs to Are You Brave Enuf To Be My Man...or Is Your Stomach Strong Enuf For You To Be My Man. This is one seriously nasty woman. No wonder Lance got ball cancer. Anything to stay away from that fecal encrusted cooch.
Man, you got THAT right. I'll bet she is one of those smelly goofs who wipes "forward", too.
Well, as the old saying goes, "Once you get past the smell, you got it licked!"
Oh, man, I just can't shake the associations this story has set up in my mind. Does this imbecile rinse and reuse her Tampax Pearls, too?
SHUT UP and SING, you unbelievably idiotic SKANK. If I was the promoter, I'd provide you with PRE-USED toilet paper, to save recycling costs. As for drinking water, pee in a cup and recycle THAT. Who has to wake up next to THIS nutcase estrogen bag every morning???
How about we make it even easier for you. Everyone cancel your tickets, this will stop them from using the trees to make the paper it's printed on, this saving the trees. and putting more oxygen in our atmosphere. Also, with the concert canceled, we won't waste the energy for all the lighting, and the cars, and the gas they use to get her and her entourage there. It will save untold fuel amounts of all the gas the people going to the concert would have used. It will also save the jet fuel and the pollution it causes to our skies and upper atmosphere. See there, what a great idea Sheryl, we can save a lot of the environment, just from demands (suggestions) like yours, and if you don't like that, you can eat crow!
Eat "crow"??? My God man, she uses recycled toilet paper, and only one square at a time, at that. Want to rethink that DISGUSTING image?? This woman has just set cunnilingus back a hundred years for all of her "sisters".
Well, she certainly put me off the joy of giving a woman oral sex for some time. Isn't she the one who also advocated using only ONE square each time? She is as scary as being locked in a dark closet at the age of five. Some thoughts can never again be un-thought. ... assuming she practices what she preaches. OH.. Wait. She is a Progressive Liberal.. That means she just preaches and does not practice. Another Barbara Streisand..
She should just use a Plastic Spoon and wash it each time. Or get a Sham-Wow and just wash the Mo-Fo each time, or let it "Crust-Up" and then just chip it off when it dries. I mean give me a break, who wants to use the regular sandpaper toilet paper they have at these places anyway. We use Charmin in my Home and our Butts thank us. If she wants to "Save the Planet" she should Fly Commercial and not use Gulfstream 4 or 5 Jets for 2 or 3 people.
Sheryl Crow IS recycled toilet paper! Geez, just leave her behind!
this could be a stinky concert!
it is pretty clear Cheryl never tried recycled German t -paper, it is like sandpaper and an instant roid ooo roooo ouch.. wanna bet she only uses triple tissue. before you know it she will be the Green Czar. uhhhhh!
Can somebody say NUTBURGER !
What a dipsh**. I hate righteous idiot hypocrites. If little ol' Sheryl was truly concerned and not the poseur that she is--she would stop touring. That is one of the most energy consuming, dirty, self centered businesses there is. What an idiot.
You have a Good point, Touring uses so much energy power, travel, mess, etc. She should just do a HBO Concert or a PPV Concert so her "Fans" can stay home and watch it. It would show she is serious a about the waste...
Sounds like she ought to take as much of any kind she can get with all of that bull.
Sounds like she ought to take as much of any kind she can get with all of that bull.
Sounds like she ought to take as much of any kind she can get with all of that bull.
I have some toilet paper she can recycle. I'll have the company that empties my septic tank drop off a truck full. Do you think she would pay the removal fees? Do people really pay to see her?
C'mon boys and girls ... it isn't what rich, spoiled people demand or ask for, it's what we tolerate giving them that is the problem. Does anyone think she would cancel a chance to make the money she makes off a venue if the venue just said "no thanks" ... and fans tolerate and encourage this silly, spoiled-child behavior by buying all those expensive tickets, only to be laughed at behind the scenes. She gets what she can and we all get what we tolerate.
I hesitate to make these comments, but people are so cruel about a stranger they will probably never know. It's painful to read. Since Matt Drudge's headline did not imply it was deriding Ms. Crow's green 'effortts', but one assumes since HE had a headline about HER that it would be meant to be derisive. Reading this article, it is clear to someone acquainted with these details of the music industry that Ms. Crow is very modest indeed in her 'needs' on tour. These riders are adjuncts to the contracts made with the venue and the promoter and are totally standard. Hers is mild. A small amount of beer (and she has a band of ? how many 4 - 5? I don't know) 2 bottles of wine, some tea and water/a kettle (she's a SINGER), and various other things. As for desiring and/or requiring 'green' things, what is wrong with that? Do you have any idea how much USUAL waste is created by these kinds of tours? The lady who thinks she should bring her food, etc. with her - no, 'coz she's not, like, going to the office for the day. It's part of the DEAL, y'know? Anyhoo ... I commend her efforts to be 'green' - those who criticize such efforts are just that - critics, with no OTHER alternative to offer. They just 'know' that we're all WRONG and we should just drive, drive, and eat, toss, plastic, plastic, for the rest of time, 'coz we've got TREES for centuries, according to them. Well, I'm in Canada and yes, WE do, but a lot don't. So get real, and the point is we should cut down our comsumption and recycle as much as we can - everything. Not throw it all out, every year, when we're bored with it. The ONLY person who 'brought his lunch' in the music business has a standard rider that requires 5 things: a room to himself, with a table with a light on it to read by, a glass of milk, a tuna fish sandwich on brown bread, and a LOCK for the door. Very famous, but totally an anomaly. So, yes, they're vain and they're whatever you think, but since some lady said (here): "I usually just get the music and videos from someone on Limewire. But I'm really thinking I should just delete this girls stuff.", it proves my main point. Ms. Crow TOURS because she needs too. People don't BUY music any more; they download it some funny way and avoid paying for it. So musicians now HAVE to tour to make a lotta dough. So, give them a break. In a totally overly consumptive situation, some of them TRY to lower the waste level and encourage the same in others, and for that I commend them/her. Lay off.
Maybe she rides her Tennessee Walking horses bareback to clean off.
I have diarrhea frequently. Send me her mailing address.
Being the “One Square” girl, why not just poke your finger through a square, and then thoroughly wipe the digit with the square before entering the buffet line, don’tcha know. That will save water, too. I recall sitting near you at a major Hollywood awards event. Pew-pew; clearly that was well before your normal wash day. You might try a new deodorant, “Stand Back!” It comes in a handy 50 gallon applicator. It is easy to spot in your nearby Home Depot. It has a big red bull’s eye on the side of the barrel.
Being the “One Square” girl, why not just poke your finger through a square, and then thoroughly wipe the digit with the square before entering the buffet line, don’tcha know. That will save water, too. I recall sitting near you at a major Hollywood awards event. Pew-pew; clearly that was well before your normal wash day. You might try a new deodorant, “Stand Back!” It comes in a handy 50 gallon applicator. It is easy to spot in your nearby Home Depot. It has a big red bull’s eye on the side of the barrel.