Moviegoer Beat Fellow Patron Over Phone Use

Cops: Iowan claimed victim ruined Tarantino film

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Once Upon Assault

JANUARY 13--An Iowa yoga instructor allegedly pummeled a fellow moviegoer whose use of a phone during a showing of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” was purportedly responsible for “ruining the film” for the accused assailant.

Police yesterday arrested Nicholas Glasgow, 34, on assault and criminal mischief charges in connection with an incident last year at an Iowa City multiplex. Seen at right, Glasgow was released this morning from the Johnson County jail, where he had been booked on the misdemeanor charges.

According to a criminal complaint, the Oscar-nominated film starring Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio had not even begun when Glasgow “contacted theater staff and demanded they speak to the victim about his phone usage.” Workers recalled Glasgow “telling them to take care of it or he would,” an investigator noted.

At the conclusion of the Quentin Tarantino-directed film, Glasgow allegedly approached the victim and his friend and “demanded they apologize for ruining the film for him.” While the victim was seated and “before he could react,” Glasgow began punching him in the face, cops allege.

During the ensuing fight, the victim ended up on the ground, and Glasgow began kicking him. The victim, cops say, suffered “a cut to his head, swelling, soreness, and redness to his face, and had his eyeglasses broken from the assault.”

The 6’, 230-pound Glasgow was identified by theater personnel as “a regular who attends most Tuesday nights.” While the attack occurred in September, an arrest warrant for Glasgow  was only issued Friday.

In an online Q&A posted to the web site of an Iowa pilates studio, Glasgow described himself as “fiercely loyal, flexible, freedom lover” and said he loved yoga due to “the healin power.” In response to a question about his guilty pleasure, Glasgow answered, “Movie theater gluttony.” (1 page)