So You Wanna Be A "Hooters" Girl?

A peek at the beloved boobs-and-beer emporium's employee handbook


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So You Wanna Be A "Hooters" Girl?

SEPTEMBER 15--"Only approved Orange Hooters Girl Shorts are to be worn, sized to fit, and should NOT BE SO TIGHT THAT THE BUTTOCKS SHOW."

That's just one of the important "image and grooming standards" addressed in the beer and boob emporium's entertaining employee handbook, key excerpts of which you'll find here. The "essence" of the chain, the handbook notes, is "entertainment through female sex appeal, of which the LOOK is a key part."

While there are too many amusing parts in the handbook to point out, here's hoping that none of the buxom waitresses run afoul of the chain's Pantyhose Police.

The 52-page handbook, a copy of which we found attached as an exhibit to a recent federal lawsuit, also requires Hooters Girls to sign a statement recognizing that they might be on the receiving end of some randy patron comments: "I hereby acknowledge...the work environment is one in which joking and innuendo based on female sex appeal is commonplace."

But imagine how much worse it would be if they flashed a little cheek.

On a somewhat related note, we've previously published similar work standards for Victoria's Secret, a leading New York City strip club, and a phone sex outfit. (8 pages)

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But remember girls, at Hooters you may be running around with people you should avoid.I have actually seen Lesbian Hooters waitresses physically sexually harass the straight Hooters waitresses (in the restaurant and in their uniforms while working.) And then the two harassing waitresses intimidated the one harassed. Moreover, the only two women I have ever known to be whores, yes,actual prostitutes, were Hooters waitresses (in costume and working while making this known to me). No, neither incident was a joke. And no, I did not purchase their services. And then there is the most disgusting of behavior by a Hooters Corporate Trainer outlined in the Jarman Gray case. To see a copy of the original court petition see The Smoking Gun website for "Sex On the Menu At Hooters". Hooters sure isn't a wholesome, "family restaurant" for the kids that the lying Hooters marketing campaign is trying to sell.