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Wisconsin's Licentious Plates

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Wisconsin's Licentious Plates

TSG can't stand a tattletale (whether it's the killjoy who ratted out poor Jenna Bush or that serial killer Sammy Gravano).

So imagine our disdain when we obtained a stack of complaint letters--via a Freedom of Information request--sent to Wisconsin's Department of Transportation by scores of misanthropic motorists.

What could possibly motivate these snitches to try and stifle such artistic expression (not to mention the enjoyable "Decipher the Tag" game)?

It's time to change the Wisconsin state bird from the robin to the canary. (12 pages)

More licenses to ill: New York and Florida.

Comments (6)

We need to lift the veil off of anonymous complainers.
Yeah, Smoking Gun can't stand a tattle tell, that's why they're constantly 'tattling'.
What, exactly, was the logic behind redacting the letterhead for the dentist but then leaving the handwritten notation that included the good doctor's name?
I think its funny that some of the letters written on letterhead where blacked out. If I was truly interested I could do a little research and find the authors.
To all those who complained: FA-Q!
It should be 6Q - 2Q