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Cops Charge Nine Women In Wild Florida Brawl

Viral video stars face fighting, disorderly conduct raps

Ocala brawl

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Brawl Arrest Warrants

JANUARY 28--Police today issued arrest warrants for nine women involved in a wild brawl at a Florida gas station, a fracas that was caught on videotape and which included some combatants having their clothing and hair torn off during the tussle.

After “15 days of extensive investigation,” Ocala Police Department officials identified the women involved in the December 30 incident outside the RaceTrac gas station. Each of the pugilists is facing disorderly conduct and public fighting charges, according to cops. The fight video can be viewed below.

Investigators determined that two groups of women had been involved in a confrontation earlier that evening at the Club Zanzabar nightclub, and later crossed paths at the RaceTrac outlet. As seen on the video, one of the fighters was Shanteria Danielle Lawson, 18, who was so vigorously throwing punches that her black dress rode up her torso, exposing her underwear.

A probable cause affidavit notes that Lawson contacted a detective on January 12, saying that she heard police were looking for her and she wanted to avoid “additional criminal charges for ‘running from the cops.’” Lawson viewed the video with an investigator, who reported that “the female she is fighting with has her breasts exposed.”

An anonymous tip helped police identify Ashley Fyderkia Douglas, 21, as one of the brawlers. Douglas, police noted, can be seen “picking up several weaves (hair extensions similar to a wig) and waving them in the air as to celebrate some type of victory.”

During an interview last Friday with a detective, Artisha Shante Grant, 20, admitted involvement in the fight, saying that she double-teamed a “female in a printed dress.” Grant stated that her opponent’s “dress comes off and the female is seen almost completely naked.” At the video’s end, “Grant is seen dancing and celebrating,” according to one probable cause affidavit.

Police are encouraging the suspects to turn themselves in at the Marion County jail, where bond for each woman will be set at $1250.

Records show that at least six of the nine women have previously been in county lockups on unrelated charges. Those arrestees, seen (left to right) in the mug shots above, are: Lawson; Grant; Douglas; Brandi M’Esha Kinsler, 25; Fabian Shantae McFatten, 22; and Christie Nicole McFatten, 22. The three other women charged in the RaceTrac brawl are Kenyatta Brown, 26; Nyeisha Dreyanna Cogdell, 18; and Shacoya Wanda Montgomery, 19. (5 pages)

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Thanks for following up on this Smoking Gun. What I find particularly violent is the fact that the young woman that was disrobed, was also viciously beaten with a metal baton normally used by police. No mention is made of this woman's condition and none of the court documents charge Ashley Fyderkia Douglas or Artisha Shante Grant with "Assault with a deadly weapon". This poor girl, although involved, was clearly singled out and "quadrouple teamed" by a group including the above two "attackers" (at this point the woman beaten is not able to defend her self but becomes captive lamb) and at least three other women. These savages should be locked up as the man who finally saved the poor girl told them in the video, I quote "'re going to jail".
Yep, this makes me real proud to be a woman. BTW, that whirring noise is the sound of Emmeline Pankhurst spinning in her grave.
Who are these young women getting the memo from that states that we have to emulate the worst qualities of men in order to be equal? I mean, is it just me, or am I actually seeing young girls perpetuate more violent crimes than young men? I live in a pretty sketchy neighbourhood, which is actually pretty Canadian small town downtown nice, and I can't remember the last time that I've seen two young men get into a fist fight while I've seen at least 4 altercations involving young women in as many months, one incident being an all out brawl involving 9 girls. Drunk twunts are always fun, too. Nothing classier than a drunk woman, except for a drunk woman who is pissed off at her boyfriend for screwing around on her so she is out hunting down the girl that he slept with because it's obviously all her fault.
Bring back public flogging that would give a person something to think is it worth it, as for the gutless blokes standing around filming a encouraging the girls on you are lower than a slugs ass.
Welfare dollars at work. I wonder how much time the Florida Police Department spent on this case, when they could have been handling more important cases.
Now here's some half-time entertainment for the Super Bowl!
If Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson truly were "Black Leaders", these are the sad situations they would be commenting on. Not, sifting through headlines looking for some BS situation they can spin into "institutional racism". Oh wait, there's no money in that. In their minds progress in race relations means less press/money for them. And, isn't that how most men of the cloth think... about their wallets. It almost makes me laugh, until, I think about how much money I'm paying into the welfare system. Not, to say black people are the only people on welfare, but, I'll bet most if not all of these morons are.
I agree 100% with you. This is our hard earned money at work.
The larger woman in the photo should also have been charged with indecent exposure for having the audacity to wear that thong... I wonder if that has shown up on any of the Wal-Mart celebrities.
What a sad state this Country is in, and it's only getting worse. Get an education girls and make something of yourselves. I cannot imagine ANY decent person (meaning their family) would think this is appropriate behavior. Sad, sad world we live in.
Unbelieveable!!! Women actually tearing each others clothes off. Anger management and life skills classes for the lot.
Nuke Ocala Florida
Don't nuke Ocala, too many fine racehorses there.
If that video is not inappropriate then this certainly isn't. What a bunch of idiot whores. Fabian Shantae McFatten? McFatten, seriously, do you really have any chance of not being an asshat with a name like this? What if your child had been stopping there for gas or a coffee break? A bunch of greasy pigs with 3 inch, 2 toned, jewel encrusted claws acting like the fools that they certainly are. I'm soooo glad I live nowhere near this type of trash, and this will serve as a reminder for me do continue to do so.
As Fabian is a man's name, Fabianne or Fabienne is the feminine version, I have a feeling that these grown children are living what they have learned: Complete disrespect and disregard for anyone and everyone, illustrated by the fact that her parents didn't care enough about her to get her name right.
everyone is so racist. there's nuthing wrong with womin being multiculteral. if wite girls fougt dis would not be news.
I've heard that people who resort to violence do so because they've never learned how to use the language. Have you any thoughts on DIS, Woad?
"if wite girls fougt dis would not be news. ." IS a racist remark. (even though not much is spelled correctly)
Instead of roaming the streets with people like this, your dumb ass should have stayed in school and learned how to spell.
Eh. Only diff between these gals and your average paparazzi target is the quality of the video.
Gee, what a surprise.
So...uh....anybody surprised....
This girls need to be in jail, let them think for a while....I like to know how many kids they have. Just wondering!
How ever many they have you needn't wonder who's paying for them.
Absolutely disgusting....
If 6 out of 9 have records and their mugshots on file, chances are they wont have to look too far to find them. Then they just have to pick up a couple of them before they all roll on each other to get a better deal. Since it was 2 groups of women and not just some random barfight where no one knew each other..Yeah, dont have to call nancy drew in on this one. If the cops do their job like how they were trained, I give it a week before they're all sitting in lockup.
What hath nine short generations of Liberal welfare wrought? A culture in crisis.
everyone of them losers from the get go. Useless lifes,and useless futures.They all will be saddled with to many children they can't afford and expect the "good ole uncle govement " to support our poor asses. S__t man . I want some welfare and maybe a sugardaddy because we aint got no education. We know how to cruize the neighborhoods for trouble. We are really mean people and our friends are to....Hey gals...go to school ,get a job,support yourself, support your children, continue your education and try to be a role model, instead of a street $ drug whore. .
justice for all Fine looking batch of women allright. I would'nt touch anyone of them for love or money. I'll bet they think their behavior was pretty cool amongst their peer group.Really proud of themselfs and thier halfassed lifes. They are your 60 point IQ ers,thats 360 points between them. Would'nt you be proud to bring one of them home to mommy?
Wow. I really don't wanna say what in thinking after seeing this picture here. I don't need to. A pictures worth a thousand words. 6 faces that only a mother could love and be ever so proud of.