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Player Body Slams Ref During H.S. Game

Teen faces felony charge for basketball incident

H.S. basketball assault

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H.S. Ref Gets Slammed

DECEMBER 14--A high school basketball player who shoved and body slammed a referee during a game last night is facing a felony battery charge, according to a police report.

As seen in the above video, Mason Holland, 18, assaulted Jim Hamm after the 51-year-old referee hit him with a technical foul. Holland, pictured below, is captain of the DeSoto High School varsity squad, which faced off yesterday against Port Charlotte High School.

The 6’ 7” Holland was escorted from the basketball court by a DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office detective who was assigned to the game. Hamm told the deputy that he “did not want to see Mason get arrested and go to jail but did want to file a report/charges.”

In an interview last night with police, a “remorseful” Holland appeared to blame the referees for allowing opposing players to rough him up without whistling them for fouls. Holland “stated that the referees were seeing this happen but was not calling any fouls on the opposing team.”

Holland said that he lost his temper “and took it out on the referee when he should not have.”

Based on their investigation, sheriff’s deputies determined that probable cause existed to charge Holland with felony battery. That recommendation “will be sent to the States Attorney’s Office for review.” (2 pages)

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TSG: You have to do something about these racist comments. This site is turning into a meeting place for racists.
to donewithpc and SeymourDuless its not a bout race or being a thug its about the music we as teens listen to. the way some african american teens behave is because they see the rap songs as a way to escape the so called 'hood" because they dont feel like going to school. and they arent to blame for alot of the stuff. here in canada we had a kid get his head kicked by 4 white want to be thugs because he stood up for something he believed in. this goes to show wat games we play, wat music we listen to, and wat shows we watch. put trash into ur mind thats all that will come out.. the game grand theft auto has prduced more kids thinking that stealing and beating ppl up will be fun and they wont get caught. everything we do reflects on wat we think is good and bad. yes this kid acted out of anger which wasnt right but if u are a parent have u checked wat games your son plays or listened to the music your daughter listens to, the words to some rap like smack that by akon is taking about slapping a girl's a** and going to strip clubs. then there are song out there that about just being a thug and we dont need this crap. if we r to blame anyone we should blame ourselves as parents because lets face wat we do infront of kids will mirror back. lets say a man hits his wife and his son sees that after a while this kid will get the mental thought that its ok to do that to someone. like this young man who slammed the ref mustve seen it on tv and thought "hey if he can do that and get away with it then so can i".
More like 'Picked a ref up and dropped him on his keister'.
What's the problem with making this a black/white issue? Blacks have no problem making it an issue when it's a black victim and a white perp. They don't care who had white, red, or black parents. If you recall the duke rape case for which the prostitute/whatever she was was recently found guilty of a number of things. As I believe Sharpton said during that he didn't care if she was raped or not she was still going to get a scholarship from him. We all know she wasn't and she was found guilty for what she always was among other things. There is no doubt in my mind that had this of been a black ref or perhaps even a larger white one that this child wouldn't of attempted to do something like this. We live in a world where things like this can pave the way for great success. Just look at the jet blue guy that got all that positive media attention. He got it all because he was a homosexual. The whole ordeal was planned by him as a stunt and look how that turned out. Had a straight white guy who was having an unplanned bad day insulted a homosexual and pulled the same stunt he'd of been in the cage before the bell would ring for supper. The pilot who revealed the insecurities of the airports on youtube isn't getting the same treatment as mr jetblue. Instead he's being ruined by the TSA and the media sure isn't on his side.
I seriously doubt they're going to be able to make the felony charges stick. The section of Florida Statues he's charged with 784.081, states that the crime will be upgraded in the following manner: "(a) In the case of aggravated battery, from a felony of the second degree to a felony of the first degree. (b) In the case of aggravated assault, from a felony of the third degree to a felony of the second degree. (c) In the case of battery, from a misdemeanor of the first degree to a felony of the third degree. (d) In the case of assault, from a misdemeanor of the second degree to a misdemeanor of the first degree." In order for the felony to stick, they at least have to prove "aggravated assault" which Fla statutes 784.021 state "(1) An "aggravated assault" is an assault: (a) With a deadly weapon without intent to kill; or (b) With an intent to commit a felony." Those elements don't apply here, so no doubt, he'll go down for the misdemeanor.
The truth is that individuals make bad decisions. This young man was obviously as over-invested in his sport as the Jets Coach was in the sideline tripping incident last Sunday. As for Sam Peckinpaw's reasoning, not all "White's" think alike either. Your dime-store analysis is extremely dangerous, though we now someone like you wouldn't have the stones to make such a statement without the veil of anonymity the internet provides. There were several small, flourishing towns, built completely by Blacks in the South after Reconstruction. They were modestly prosperous and self-sufficient until the Klan burned them to the ground (maybe some of your relatives, Sam?).
What needs to be done is to ship people like SamPeckinpaw back to whatever European country that HIS ancestors came from. It's only fair, and then our society would be much better functioning once people like him are gone. Finish the work of the original Native peoples of this land and drive scum like him out of here. :) Is he dressed like a "thug" to you all in this interview? NOPE.
Yeah I'm tired of people saying its not a race thing....tell you what....stop acting and talking like thugs and people will treat you better. Stereotypes are perpetuated for a reason. You want to talk loud, dress thuggish and keep saying you're owed get what you deserve. He should have gone to jail.
Moreover, I myself am not black but I also didn't see anyone dressed "thuggish" in that video, nor did I see anyone saying they were "owed" something. So way to try and use this video as an excuse to show your prejudice. Take a look at the link I posted at the top of an interview he he dressed like a "thug" wearing skinny jeans and vans? You're ignorant white trash, no one here is making excuses for his actions. He was wrong, point blank, but his actions should have no reflection on his race. Prejudice piece of crap.
I FORGOT TO WRITE THIS IS MY FIRST COMMENT BECAUSE I THOUGHT IT WAS IRRELEVANT BUT TO ALL YA'LL MAKING IT A "BLACK" ISSUE HE'S ADOPTED AND HAS TO WHITE PARENTS WHOM HE LIVES WITH. As I've already stated I personally know the family and if you can't wrap your ignorant heads around the idea that this black kid could have been raised by a family of white people go read the ABC News story. Idiots.
TWO* I don't know how that typo even happened.
Yeah, he looks like a real nice kid. He'll probably be really regretful when he beats his girlfriend too.
"ex-con" has a good point
Actually 'ex-con' in most tv shows black people are portrayed as thugs and as wrong...but that's besides the fact. I actually know Mason and this is very much out of character for him, he's a nice young man and although there is no excuse for what he did here the only explanation is that he got caught up in the emotions of the game, lost his temper, and made bad decisions. He loves basketball and I know he is extremely regretful for his actions. This should not be made into a race issue I have witnessed many basketball games and people from all backgrounds lose their tempers.
"a nice young man and although there is no excuse for what he did here the only explanation is that he got caught up in the emotions of the game, lost his temper" Give me a break. This thug earned whatever the courts give him. I wish people would quit playing the race card whenever their inappropriate actions are called into question.
When a member of the minority community commits a crime like this, their only defense is the race card. Just like O.J. Simpson, they cannot stand up and admit what they did was wrong, they just blame it on the white man. Before all you apologists start ranting that I am just someone from the klan, I am just another hispanic American who is sick and tired of it all.
Say "Bb-bye" to any college or other b-ball career. When will these goons learn that they can't just push their way through life? Where did he learn this....... Oh yeah, from the NBA.
I don't understand, African Americans are so cool and right in EVERY commercial and TV show. Political correctness paints a very incorrect image.