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Man Cops Plea In Dipping Sauce Rage Case

Iowan threatened to blow up a McDonald's

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Dipping Sauce Plea

OCTOBER 1--The McDonald's customer who called in a bomb threat to an Iowa restaurant because he did not receive dipping sauces with his 30-piece Chicken McNuggets order has pleaded guilty to a harassment charge, according to court records.

Robert Golwitzer, 42, last week copped to a misdemeanor count in connection with a bizarre incident in late-June involving a McDonald’s near his home in Ankeny, a Des Moines suburb.

Golwitzer, seen at right, was sentenced to 12 months probation and fined $430 during a September 23 court hearing.

According to an Ankeny Police Department report, a McDonald’s assistant manager told cops that a man who called the restaurant “was irate due to the fact he had requested 30 chicken nuggets and received no dipping sauces for them.”

When the worker replied that the patron could return to the restaurant to retrieve the sauces, the man said, “No, I’m going to blow up the store and punch you in the face.”

Golwitzer, who lives about five miles from the eatery, was quickly identified as the suspect since the threatening call was placed “from a phone number associated with [Golwitzer],” according to a criminal complaint. The number was captured on the restaurant’s caller ID.

During police questioning, Golwitzer told cops that he had gone to McDonald’s “and the staff had gotten his order wrong. Robert stated he was very upset by this and called into the McDonald’s,” investigators noted.

Golwitzer recalled telling a McDonald’s employee that, “I hope someone blows your building up and I hope someone punches you in the face.” Golwitzer added that he “had no intentions to blow up the McDonald’s."

Golwitzer was originally charged with making a false report about an explosive or incendiary device, a felony. (3 pages)