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    While her mother worked the pole inside, a three-year-old girl was roaming around the parking lot of a Florida strip club early yesterday morning, police report.

    Responding to a 911 call about the unsupervised child, police found the girl--crying and confused--alone outside the all-nude Vegas Cabaret in Lauderhill, a Broward County city, around 2 AM.

    The child had apparently been sleeping inside a Toyota Corolla that was not running and had a window cracked open for ventilation. In the rear of the car, cops reported, were toys and a car seat.

    Around 2:30 AM, Manouchika Daniels, 23, approached officers and identified herself as the child’s mother. According to police, Daniels had left her daughter unattended in the parking lot for about three hours.

    Seen above, Daniels was arrested on a felony child neglect charge and booked into the county jail, where the Miami resident is locked up in lieu of $5000 bond.

    Daniels’s daughter, police reported, “appeared to be well cared for and in good spirits” as she and officers awaited the arrival of child welfare workers (who eventually took custody of the girl).

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    A skateboarder busted yesterday for allegedly causing a disturbance at a Florida mall blamed a “miniature Paul Blart” for his arrest, according to a police report.

    Patrick Thompson, 23, told police that after briefly skateboarding inside the Indian River Mall, he was confronted around 4 PM by guard Sean Pisanelli, who announced, “You’re going to jail, punk.”

    When cops arrived at the mall, Pisanelli said that Thompson had been “swearing and calling names” in front of the Chick-fil-A in the food court.

    Seen above, Thompson claimed to be unaware that skateboarding was not allowed inside the mall. When confronted by Pisanelli, Thompson told a sheriff’s deputy, he called the security guard “a miniature ‘Paul Blart’ and a ‘Dumbass.’”

    Thompson was charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing, both misdemeanors, and booked into the county jail. He was released from custody early today after posting $1000 bond.

    For the uninitiated, meet Paul Blart, mall cop.

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    A nursing aide charged with sexually assaulting multiple women in assisted living facilities told police that he had a “fetish for older females under his care,” according to Florida court records.

    Falo Kane, 32, was arrested Monday on four counts of sexual battery of the physically helpless. He is locked up in lieu of $400,000 bond on the felony charges.

    In a series of arrest affidavits, investigators accuse Kane of committing four separate assaults--two in 2016 and two this year. Pictured at right, Kane allegedly digitally penetrated victims, fondled their breasts, and sought to have them touch his penis or perform oral sex.

    The victims in the two alleged 2019 assaults are wheelchair-bound.  

    When questioned by police detectives, Kane reportedly confessed to the assaults, saying that he was sorry he "crossed the line" with elderly patients. Kane said that he had a "fetish for older females under his care," noted cops, who added that the defendant “wrote a generic apology letter to all of his victims.”  

    Kane has been a licensed certified nursing assistant since October 2006, according to Florida Department of Health records which list no public complaints or disciplinary measures against Kane.

    The alleged assaults took place at four different institutions in Pinellas County. Records show that Kane has also been employed, sometimes briefly, at other Florida rehab facilities.

    Remarkably, Kane found employment this year with at least two facilities despite the fact that he was convicted 16 months ago of misdemeanor battery against a female hospital patient.

    The victim in the 2018 case told police that Kane inappropriately massaged her arms, legs, and inner thighs, and came within inches of touching her genitals. When questioned by police, Kane acknowledged that the massage was not medically necessary, but claimed that he rubbed the woman “because I thought she would like it.”

    Kane, who was fired from Mease Countryside Hospital after the incident, was eventually sentenced to 11 months probation on the misdemeanor conviction.

    Kane’s rap sheet includes a 2009 conviction for passing bad checks and a 2014 collar for grand theft. In the latter case, Kane was admitted into a pretrial diversion program which he successfully completed. As a result, prosecutors dismissed the felony case in March 2016. Kane was arrested in May 2008 for domestic battery, but that case was later dropped by prosecutors.

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    A man wearing a Captain America costume was arrested for burglary after a Mississippi homeowner caught the phony superhero breaking into a shed on his property, cops report.

    David Hobbs, 36, was collared early Monday morning as he allegedly tried to use a pipe to break into a shed at the rear of a residence in the city of Clarksdale.

    Hobbs was thwarted when an alarm alerted the homeowner to the attempted 3 AM burglary. The victim held Hobbs at gunpoint until police arrived.

    For some unknown reason, Hobbs was wearing a Captain America costume, complete with mask. His outfit also included fairy wings, apparently for a quick getaway.

    Hobbs, sans costume, is locked up in the Coahoma County jail on $25,000 bond. As seen above, Clarksdale cops photographed the handcuffed Hobbs while he sat on a bench in police headquarters.

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    9/11 UPDATE: During a court hearing today, a judge increased Frabutt’s bond from $100,000 to $500,000 after prosecutors argued that she is a flight risk. An arrest warrant alleges that Frabutt “did with malice castrate, cut off, maim and disfigure a privy member, the PENIS” of her husband James.

    A North Carolina woman completely severed her husband’s penis early today in a knife attack that landed her behind bars on malicious castration and kidnapping charges.

    According to the victim, Victoria Frabutt, 56, “tied him up and pulled out a knife” around 4 AM in the couple’s residence in Newport, a town in Carteret County. She then cut off her husband’s penis, reported cops, who said that “the motive for the castration is still unclear.”

    Carteret County Sheriff’s Office deputies responding to the home were “able to recover the body part where it was immediately put on ice and transported to medical personnel.” The 61-year-old victim was transported to a nearby hospital and “his condition at this time is unknown,” cops reported.

    Pictured above, Frabutt was booked into the county jail on a pair of felony charges: malicious castration and kidnapping. The latter count is a result of Frabutt allegedly restraining her husband and not allowing him to leave the home.

    Frabutt is being held in lieu of $100,000 bond in advance of an initial court appearance scheduled for tomorrow.

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    An Illinois man who bears an uncanny resemblance to the character Walter White from “Breaking Bad” is being sought by police for allegedly violating terms of a probation sentence he received last year following his conviction for possession of methamphetamine.

    Pictured above, Todd Barrick, 50 was sentenced last October to two years probation after pleading guilty to a felony narcotics charge in Knox County Circuit Court.

    Court records do not indicate what terms of Barrick’s probation sentence he is alleged to have violated. An arrest warrant has been issued for Barrick, who resides in the city of Galesburg.

    The “real” Walter White, portrayed by Bryan Cranston, is seen below. Additionally, White is the one who knocks.

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    The man convicted of battery after subjecting his longtime girlfriend to a “wet willy” is back behind bars after allegedly violating terms of his probation sentence, records show.

    Joseph Sireci, 48, is scheduled for an October 14 probation violation hearing in the Fort Pierce, Florida courthouse. Sireci, who is locked up without bond in the county jail, is accused of refusing weekly urinalysis tests and moving residences without informing his probation officer.

    Seen at right, Sireci was arrested last year for battering his 54-year-old live-in girlfriend. The woman told cops she came home from work one evening to find Sireci “drunk laying on the living room floor.” Earlier in the day, the woman wrote in a witness statement, the intoxicated Sireci called her at work and said, “Order me a pizza bitch, now!”

    The victim said that Sireci was “arguing with her and being rude” and “began grabbing her hand and pulling on her arm.” He then “continued by giving her a ‘wet willy’ sticking his finger in her ear,” police reported.

    When questioned by cops, Sireci admitted he “gave [the victim] a ‘wet willy’ but didn’t mean to upset her.” “Wet willy” is the shorthand term for when a saliva-dampened digit is jammed into the ear of an unsuspecting victim.

    Since Sireci’s rap sheet included a burglary conviction--for which he was sentenced to three years in state prison)--the “wet willy” attack was charged as a felony battery.

    Sireci pleaded no contest to the charge and was sentenced in December to five years probation and the 126 days in jail he had already served. He was also ordered to pay fines and court costs totaling about $1150.

    As part of his probation, Sireci was required to undergo a substance abuse evaluation and submit to weekly urinalysis testing. He was also barred from using any drugs without a prescription, and was not allowed to have any contact with the victim (unless an emergency arose with the pair’s daughter).

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    A 75-year-old Louisiana woman has been arrested for allegedly arranging for drugs to be smuggled to her son in a county jail, records show.

    Cops charge that Judy Futch twice delivered Suboxone, an opioid addiction medication, to an “inmate job site” outside of the Ouachita Correctional Institute so that inmates could later deliver the narcotics to her son Derrek, 46. 

    A criminal investigation was opened last week when deputies discovered Suboxone “at one of the inmate workers jobs.” When confronted by cops, Futch denied involvement in any smuggling. When shown photos of her carrying a bag at the job site, Futch claimed it contained “hamburgers for the inmates.”

    Seen above, Futch subsequently confessed to “buying Suboxone and bringing it to the job site” at her son’s direction. Futch said she “has done it approximately 2 times,” according to an arrest report. Futch said that she paid a total of $300 for 15 Suboxone pills.

    Futch was arrested yesterday on felony conspiracy and narcotics possession charges. She was released from custody today around 10:45 AM.

    Futch’s son, already serving a two-year sentence for narcotics possession, was re-booked yesterday on the same conspiracy charge filed against his mother.

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    In tracing back the source of the fentanyl-laced pills that resulted in Mac Miller’s overdose death, Drug Enforcement Administration agents had to sort through two separate narcotics deliveries made within minutes to the rap star.

    The 26-year-old Miller (real name: Malcolm McCormick) was found dead last September in his Los Angeles home as a result of his ingestion of fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol.

    In a criminal complaint unsealed today, federal prosecutors allege that Cameron James Pettit, 28, sold Miller counterfeit Oxycodone pills containing fentanyl, the dangerous synthetic opioid that has been linked to a nationwide spike in fatal overdoses.

    As detailed by investigators, Miller (seen below) was working in a Melrose Avenue recording studio when he texted Pettit with an order for 10 Oxycodone pills, a gram of cocaine, and 10 Xanax bars.

    But when Pettit failed to appear at the studio (or answer further texts), the performer contacted a second drug dealer, Mia Johansson (who had introduced Miller to Pettit). Johansson, 32, also doubled as a pimp who provided Miller with prostitutes costing up to $800 an hour, according to federal investigators.

    Pettit and Johansson are pictured above. Posted to Johansson’s Instagram page six weeks ago, the photo is captioned, “Good times like old times with the fam.”

    With Pettit AWOL, Miller texted an order to Johansson for cocaine, Adderall, Norco painkillers, Xanax, and Oxycodone. Johansson offered to comp Miller a gram of cocaine if he also booked a prostitute. “what about 2 gs?” Miller countered. Johansson agreed to doubling the cocaine, writing, “Deal lol.”

    Shortly after ordering the narcotics from Johansson, Miller heard back from an apologetic Pettit. In a 2 AM text, Pettit told Miller, “Oh shit sorry I got sidetracked...Coming now.” Instead of telling Pettit not to bother, Miller replied “Fasho.”

    Pettit delivered the drugs to Miller around 2:30 AM on September 5. A few minutes later, Johansson’s courier arrived with Miller’s second batch of narcotics. The drugs were delivered, investigators say, by Karla Amador, a prostitute/adult film actress whose services were pimped out by Johansson. Amador, who uses the handle "Carolina Cortez," is pictured at left.

    After Miller’s September 7 death, DEA agents analyzed an assortment of pills found in the rapper’s residence. Investigators concluded that while Johansson sold Miller genuine Oxycodone, the pills provided by Pettit were counterfeit and laced with fentanyl. Evidence collected in Miller’s home suggests that he “crushed and snorted one or more of the Counterfeit Oxycodone Pills Containing Fentanyl before his death,” according to the U.S. District Court complaint.

    In the hours after Miller’s overdose death was reported, Pettit exchanged direct messages via Instagram with a friend who asked how he was doing. “I am not great...Most likely I will die in jail,” Pettit responded. The accused drug dealer then wrote about going “off the grid” and moving to another country. 

    In addition to arresting Pettit for drug trafficking, federal agents searched his Hollywood Hills apartment and his Mercedes-Benz. Johansson’s Woodland Hills home and her vehicle were also searched this morning as part of the continuing DEA probe.

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    Police today will be reviewing security camera footage in an attempt to identify the man who yesterday pulled a gun on the manager of a Popeyes in Texas after being told that the restaurant had run out of its new chicken sandwich.

    The suspect, cops say, was among a group of two men and three women who arrived at the Houston eatery’s drive-thru window shortly before 9 PM Monday. The prospective diners sought to order the Popeyes chicken sandwich that debuted recently and touched off a sandwich war with Chick-fil-A.

    Upon learning that the restaurant was out of the sandwiches, the group exited their vehicle and tried to storm the Popeyes. When stymied by a manager who locked the front door, one man became upset and pulled out a pistol in an attempt to secure a sandwich.

    The manager, cops say, again stated that no sandwiches were available, prompting the group to depart the Popeyes in a blue SUV.

    According to a Houston Police Department spokesperson, cops will return today to the Popeyes to review footage recorded by cameras inside and outside the restaurant (seen above). If the suspect and his cohorts were recorded, cops will likely release images so that members of the public can help identify them. The gunman faces a felony aggravated assault charge.

    No Popeyes employees or restaurant patrons were injured during the incident, which cops initially described as “Male pulled a gun on employees of restaurant after they ran out of chicken sandwich.”

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    Like so many other Donald Trump associates--Manafort, Gates, Stone, Flynn, Cohen, Cohn, Papadopoulos, Weichselbaum, Pierson, Epshteyn, “Fat Tony” Salerno, etc.--the new White House press secretary has spent time posing for mug shots.

    Stephanie Grisham, who last month succeeded Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has a pair of drunk driving collars on her rap sheet. Grisham is pictured above in mug shots (click to enlarge) snapped following her 2013 and 2015 DUI busts in Arizona.

    Grisham, 43, was first nabbed for drunk driving in January 2013 in Gilbert, a town outside Phoenix. Grisham--who was driving on a suspended license--was pulled over for speeding while behind the wheel of an SUV whose other passenger was a tipsy 25-year-old man.

    During the 11:30 PM stop, a cop noted that Grisham’s breath smelled of booze, her eyes were bloodshot, and she swayed while taking a field sobriety test. Grisham "denied consuming any alcohol," but said she had taken a Xanax 90 minutes earlier and a Zoloft the prior night. A blood test revealed Grisham’s blood alcohol content to be .105, above the .08 legal limit.

    When told that her license had been suspended in August 2012 for failure to answer a traffic citation, Grisham “denied knowledge of the citation or the suspension, adding that she was on tour with the Romney campaign from late June through August 2012.”

    Originally charged with DUI, speeding, and driving with an invalid license, Grisham copped to a reduced count of reckless driving.

    Grisham’s second arrest came in December 2015 when she busted by Phoenix police. Grisham failed to appear at a court hearing in January 2016, prompting a City Court judge to issue an arrest warrant for her.

    As with her initial criminal case, Grisham pleaded guilty--this time to a DUI count. She was ordered to pay about $1500 in court costs and fines. Grisham’s July 2016 conviction came as she was working as a press aide for Trump’s presidential campaign.    

    In addition to her new press secretary post, Grisham also serves as Trump’s communications director. Grisham initially worked in the White House press office under Sean Spicer, but was hired in March 2017 by First Lady Melania Trump to be her communications director.

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    A Floridian charged with threatening another man with a machete for failing to flush the toilet provided police with a written statement declaring that “Shit happened,” according to an arrest report.

    Keith Mounts, 46, was busted Saturday night on a felony aggravated assault count following a confrontation at his residence in Hudson, a Tampa suburb.

    According to the victim, Mounts “pointed a machete in his face after he told him to flush the toilet after using it.” The man added that Mounts threatened to “chop” him with the weapon.

    Cops responding to a 911 call placed by the victim found the machete in the home's yard (seen below).

    Mounts told police that he was defending himself with the machete, but could not give cops a “reason as to why he was defending himself.” Mounts subsequently “provided a written statement saying ‘Shit happened,’” cops reported.

    Mounts was booked into the county jail, where he is being held in lieu of $5000 bond.

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    A woman arrested for drunk driving asked cops if they wanted to place a bet on what she registered on a breathalyzer test, according to court records.

    Mary Westerlund, 62, was nabbed late Monday evening near her home in Florida's The Villages retirement community. Cops approached Westerlund’s Acura after receiving a report of a “drunk female being present at the Fire Station.”

    Westerlund, cops say, was impaired and had “bloodshot glassy eyes and heavily slurred speech.” As she screamed at a sheriff’s deputy, the officer detected “the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her breath,” according to an arrest affidavit.

    When police sought to place her in a patrol car, Westerlund, pictured above, reportedly struggled with a deputy and announced that she was not going to jail.

    After being driven to the county lockup, Westerlund submitted two breath samples--but not before offering a police technician a 25-cent wager. Westerlund, who was convicted of drunk driving in 2015, estimated that she “would blow a .190 BAC.” The legal blood alcohol content level is .08.

    The Intoxilyzer operator--who did not accept the two-bit offer--subsequently had Westerlund provide samples that registered her BAC at .229 and then .210.

    Westerlund was charged with drunk driving and resisting a police officer, both misdemeanors. She was released from custody the following afternoon upon posting $3000 bond.