Notorious "Penis Pump" Judge Arrested For Stalking Ex-Girlfriend

The former Oklahoma judge who was once jailed for using a penis pump while on the bench was arrested today and charged with stalking a former girlfriend.

Donald Thompson, 64, was collared by cops in Sapulpa, where he used to serve as a Creek County District Court judge (until, of course, investigators discovered his bizarre courtroom habits). Thompson is pictured in the above mug shot taken today by the Creek County Sheriff’s Office.

According to a police report, Thompson was spotted using binoculars to observe ex-girlfriend Angela McClanahan-Fernandez, who was being aided by a cop since her car had a flat tire. 

When approached by an officer, Thompson claimed that he “just wanted to see what was going on.” When he later exited his vehicle, police noted, Thompson’s "pants were unzipped and gaping open."

Court records show that McClanahan-Fernandez today received an emergency protective order against Thompson.

In December, she had sought a similar order, but a judge ruled that there was “insufficient evidence” to connect Thompson to a series of incidents at McClanahan-Fernandez’s residence (which included the slashing of her tires). Additionally, the judge found that Thompson was not an “immediate threat” to her.

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This is one horny dude. No wonder he pursued a career in the "Penal System."
They never recovered the infamous pump..or more likely..no one wanted to pick it up and bag it as evidence...
So what do the cops say about the left black eye and the cut over the other? Admittedly, he's got "issues," but it would appear he also got an ass-whuppin.
That's called resisting arrest!!!
Not result of resisting arrest...he used too much superglide lube and his hand slipped off and he struck himself sharply on his head....he should have read the instruction on the label...
not necessarily