Delusional Superhero Anthony Weiner Liked Telling The Ladies About His Cape, Tights

Anthony Weiner’s superhero delusions were not limited to the Las Vegas blackjack dealer to whom he lustily wrote last year about his cape, tights, and search for a “sidekick.”

In private Twitter messages last month to a Delaware high school student, Weiner told of butting heads with Republican congressional opponents. Describing how he returned fire at his political foes, Weiner told the 17-year-old girl, “I came back strong. Large. In charge. Tights and cape shit.”

The girl shared Weiner’s tweets with acquaintances and posted his tights/capes quote on her Tumblr blog, along with the notation, “My favorite congressman <3.”

The teenager’s Tumblr page has since been deleted, and her parents did not respond to TSG messages left at their home.

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I'm just glad his name isn't Anthony SPHINCTER!
Why are all of these GOP Bagger "men" HOMO-EROTICALLY OBSESSING over Weiner's wiener? Republicans were involved in 61% of sex scandals in the past 10 yrs Republicans accounted for 78.5% of all gay scandals & Republicans were involved in 66% of the underage scandals. the party of "family values" is an unethical, hypocritical joke.
So, what are Democrat men doing over Weiner's weiner when they said they don't approve of his actions? Where did you get your 'facts' on the percentage of sex scandals because that's just not true. In the past 10 years, the leftist mainstream media have done a lot of covering up for the Democrats, so we don't actually know how many Democrats were involved in sexual scandals, but the media has always gone after the Republicans with a vengence,often using half-truths and innuendoes. Thank God for Fox News and other conservative media sources now.....don't you just hate them?
lOl @ all the comments by GOP Republican Baggers feigning *POUT-RAGE* over Anthony Weiner's private exchanges w/adult, willing participants. lOl @ the LIES about Dem cover-ups when the GOP is FULL of SCANDALS! Ensign, Cohburn, Vitter, etc. The GOP demanding Weiner resign didn't do the same for their own who broke actual Laws - shocker! David Vitter busted w/Hookers (immoral AND illegal) is a diaper wearing perv w/an adult baby fetish. Not only did you GOP HYPOCRITES not ask for his resignation, but you re-elected him! You're mad at Rangel 'cuz he didn't declare rental $ on a summer home in another country 1 year? Yet you're the same people giving SCOTUS Judge Clarence Thomas a pass for not declaring his TeaTard Wife's 3/4 of a million $ income for the past 20yrs demagoguing Dems & the Healthcare's Affordable Care Act which he'll vote on unless he steps down! YOUR GOP POUT-RAGE IS PATHETIC & TRANSPARENT
Who's 'p'outraged, now? Sounds more like you are with that rant.....caps and all. Let's compare Judge Thomas and his wife to Bill & Hillary Clinton or to the Obamas and see who's more unethical. And Rangel is more guilty because he screwed all of the American taxpayers while Vitter only screwed a hooker(s?). And Weiner tweeted that stuff to at least one underaged girl, consenting or not. Since you're defending Democrats, I don't think you care about or even know what morality is. You know, your little leftist game of trying to out Republicans for their hypocrisy because they're supposed to be moral can be turned right back around on you. Leftists deplore morality yet they try to act like they have morals when they accuse the right of not having them which makes the left nothing but liars and cheats.
Obama has to be very careful about his response to Weiner. Obama's own brother was charged with attempted rape of a thirteen year old girl in England (Google "Obama" "British Visa" for the details), and combined with his tacit endorsement of Weiner's viability, he looks soft on pedophiles. I'd love to have Weiner stay, but he's destroyed his credibility and worse yet, become a monstrous distraction. If he comes out of sex rehab in a month, the headlines will bleed for another month. Go Anthony. Its time.
Joe Wilson was censured by Nancy Pelosi for saying "you lied" to the President. Larry Craig was forced to resign for having a "wide stance" in a toilet stall. Rangel and Waters have not yet been investigated. Karma is going to be a bitch when it comes back on the Democrats.
WASHINGTON | Tue Nov 16, 2010 1:09pm EST (Reuters) - Democratic Representative Charles Rangel, Congress's former chief tax writer, was convicted by a congressional panel on Tuesday of ethics violations, many dealing with personal finances. BUT he is still there,ripping off taxpayers
Crapkiller is right! Many congressmen have been lining their pockets with money for years and years. Even when they are exposed, they protect each other. The Demos are now protecting Weiner just in case they need Weiner's help next time around. The healthcare bill is one example - Pelosi said "we have to pass it first before you can read it". It was rammed down our thoats. Now, she has exempted her district from ever having to pay for Obamacare insurance (she and her husband own hotels, wine vineyards, and restaurants full of illegal workers - so now, we will have to furnish them more free stuff instead of Pelosi paying for it). Unions helped pass it thru their thuggery, and now, most of the unions are exempt from ever having to pay for Obamacare insurance. One congressman from the black caucus said the bill is too large to read, so he was just going to vote for it. This is the trash we have voted into Congress, and they are bleeding our country to death. We need to throw most of them out, especially those that have been sucking that sugar tit for many years. They know how to do it and get away with it. Time for them to go!!
Why make such a big deal about such a "little" thing