"Beat Whitey Night" At Iowa State Fair

Cops probe whether attacks were racially motivated

Iowa State Fair

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Iowa Fair Fights

AUGUST 24--Police are investigating whether a series of assaults at the Iowa State Fair were racially motivated since the attackers reportedly announced it was “Beat Whitey Night” during one attack.

According to a Des Moines Police Department report, a group of young black assailants pummeled a white fairgoer Friday night, an assault that cops believe may have racial overtones due to what was said by the attackers.

A report by Sgt. David Murillo noted that, “officers at the fairgrounds advise there was a group of 30-40 individuals roaming the fairgrounds openly calling it ‘Beat Whitey Night.’” The victim, 36-year-old Jammie Carroll, suffered “severe injuries to his eyes, cheekbones, and nose,” and was hospitalized at Mercy Medical Center with multiple facial contusions.

Cops are examining other reported incidents at the fairgrounds since groups of black juveniles appeared to be singling out white victims. During one of these confrontations Sunday evening, two police officers were injured trying to break up a brawl (which resulted in five arrests).

A second police report notes that the Sunday incident again involved “a large fight with black male and female juveniles assaulting white citizens."

The motto for the fair, which closed Sunday, was "Non Stop Fun." (4 pages)

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I would have like to been at that fair, I would started chanting "I'm White and Allright!" "I'm White and Allright!" "I'm White and Allright!". Actually, I think I might try to start a march or protest, and have it staged in Washington. Something like the Million Man March for white men. Oh wait, nevermind, most of us will probably be working or spending time with our intact family.....
lmfao usahihi. you would have been arrested for insighting a riot. its a one way street now and white people are being run down, there are no stop signs and no u turns. liberals have created a monster so be prepaired to defend your civil liberties in anyway you can. its going to get much worse. Martin luther king would be rolling in his grave at the way this country has turned out. the majority of americans black and white have no character. our government enjoys these racist acts because it fuels other agendas they may have to supress our freedoms. the more they see us fight eachother the more laws they can pass to help protect us from ourselves until one day none of us will have the freedom to express our outrage on how they have messed up our once great nation.
The "beat whitey" story came from a report by a police officer who was not at the fair but said he heard about it. He cannot remember where he heard it. Attempts to get independent verification have not been successful. Let police do their investigation before jumping in with wild accusations:
This is choppers wife Im sorry u were miss informed an off duty cop that called the police. No hear say involved. Get your facts straight before u start running your mouth. Go a head and defend something so evil. An innocent person almost died because of racism against white people.
"Obama will send Eric Holder to pressure local authorities to suppress info and not press charges in this case. Count on it." So, when this doesnt happen, we can count you "OUT"?
Clarese, Lizard, Timothy, thank you for that enlightening lesson on pacifism. go stick your heads back in the sand because you are the main reason for the crap that is going on in this world. i am excercising my right to defend myself against a racist culture that you created who is trying to harm me and my family because we are white. No more white guilt here, go stick your heads in the sand and leave us alone, and dont come running to us when you are car jacked by some wannabe gangsta. Peace , out
Chopper713, Please explain how my statements on the medical examples used in these comments shows pacifism? It's easy for you to stick your head in the sand and ignore facts, while blaming (me) for the crap that is going on in the world. Please explain how you are defending yourself and your family; because you just sound like a malcontent. There may very well be issues that have stirred your emotions, but don’t paint me with your broad brush of frustration. You don’t have to feel guilt, unless you have betrayed you own soul with your passion.
This is choppers wife. The pacifism is actually in regard to the problem of racism against white people. Why werent the 30-40 black perps not arrested? If it were a group of white perps we would still be hearing about it. Whats the difference between that guy being beaten half to death by these thugs and the Rodney king situation. Its been happening all over not just here. These people are killing innocent people and nothings being done about it. You over educated idiots are part of the problem for sweeping it under the rug and making excuses.
This is the logical fallacy of racism: ripples on the surface have lessons for us about the volume of water underneath. Race is a concept that is silly shallow antiquated nonsense, for if you really truly understood what you were talking about when you bring up medical quirks and statistical anomalies, if you truly had some wisdom behind your words, then the vast volume of medical knowledge and statistics would speak to you of the similarities more than differences, by orders of magnitude these responses are nothing more than a window into the filthy soul of racism, and the fallacies in the reasoning of racists that they overlook to make the evidence fit their presupposed ideas about how much we differ.
Who started the supremist rally?!? You are all a bunch of f***ing racists.
It happens two weekends at the same fair! what the ####. Im almost speechless Im so pissed. White people hello are u just plain stupid now? What has to happen before somethings done? This country is falling apart, Im no longer proud to be an american. choppers girl wrote this comment.
Google everything ive said !!!
i dont need to google it brother, i know. and dont forget about sickle cell animia
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I must say your scientific logic amazes me, perhaps a Nobel Prize is within your grasp. You list all the reasons why blacks are inferior, but you neglect to get to the root cause of the problem, eating habits. Have you reviewed the data? Have you at least set up a control group using grape soda, kool aid, fried chicken and water melon? Have you at least made a trip to a ghetto in a safari colored Land Rover with a pair of binoculars and a video camera to observe them in their natural habitat? If you don't understand the above as a way of mocking your ignorance and hatred, then you are as stupid as the words you have written, and yes i am a white woman who has great friends who are black, educated and ethical.
o and clarese, we observe them in their natural habitat every day. just turn on hbo for a few minutes and listen for awhile while they get away with bashing white people during a standup comedy show, better yet try the show gangland on the history channel where they try to justify these aholes actions on a daily bases over the past 20 or more and blame it on white people. if you watch any commercial on tv today that has a black person and a white person on it they always make the white person seem inferior to the black. i do agree that there are very intellegent black people, i am not speaking of this minority, i am speaking of the thug terrorist monsters you and your liberal counterparts have created. also i wonder if you would have this know it all attitude that you have if your 15 year old daughter were dating one of these punks or if your husband was the one who had his face smashed in by these wonderful contributors to our society last weekend at our fair. better yet why dont you and your black friends jump into your mercedes next year and come out to our fair and we will see which one of you gets an ass whoopin. it wont be your friends....peace out
"yes i am a white woman who has great friends who are black, educated and ethical." lolololol. You have your "token black friend", so you have your ghetto pass my nig. You are the type of prejudiced person that is scary, a person that isn't aware of it. You are right there with Joe Biden and Harry Reid.
Obama will send Eric Holder to pressure local authorities to suppress info and not press charges in this case. Count on it.
and all my stupid fellow white people will sit around and do nothing...again... it will be swept under the rug and the thugs will continue corrupting our schools terrorizing the streets and laughing the whole time knowing they have get out of jail free cards for life because they are black and we are white. its funny...if a chinese person is attacked by a black thug they call it a race crime dummies. stop hiding your ***in heads in the sand. we are being discriminated against you morons lets wake up and do something about it people!!!!!
sadly, whites in America are weak. Just look at all the trash that Whites have allowed in America. Illegals walk accross the border. Musliims kill 2000 people, and we our on thier side to build a mosque close by? white liberals elect a man because he is NOT white. white women reject white men to have babies of color.white women travel around the world to adopt a baby of color . Schools are taught that anything white in history is wrong. and now every race is starting to prey upon whites. Its only going to get worse. just wait until 50 yrs from now and America is mostly a nation of color, and most likely a muslim nation the way its going now. how very sad that 80% of the soldiers who died in the Iraq and Afghanistan war are white. look it up. If it was the other way around then it would be racist..
the thing that gets me is, where are all these big bad UFC wannabees or the badass biker gangs around this state when this crap happens...losers
I grew up in So Cal going to school with quite a diverse student body. I could never understand the southern culture and the idea of segregation. With age comes both wisdom and understanding. I now understand that the "ignorant and backward southerners" were just trying to protect themselves and their families. We were deprived of the truth, by the liberal lunatics that are hellbent on destroying our once great nation.
i lived in louisiana for 12 years and moved to iowa for work five years ago. never in my life have i ever seen so much discrimination from hispanics and blacks on white people in my life. you people deserve what u get because you ignore it. as soon as i can, im outa here back to where white people still have their balls and dont let minorities crap all over them.
can't say I blame you. But remember Iowa is full of dumb white liberals who got the ball rolling for Nobama. White liberals think we deserve to be punished for our past.
your not telling me anything new. i was born and raised in the north east . you cant get any worse than that when it comes to ignorant liberals. i finally got sick of all the crap the schools, politicians and the media were feeding me about the south all my life. my eyes were opened, i saw the light. lies lies lies all my life. i couldnt believe how many blacks i met down south that hate the people from the north. i knew blacks that sported rebel flags on there pickup trucks all over the south but you never saw that on CNN. people up here are blind.
I find it weird that I don't hear Al Sharpton out preaching about Racial Equality when African Americans do something to Caucasians. Feels almost like there is a two way street.
Idiots! Don't you know only whites can commit hate crimes? This was just a little bit of good clean fun.
I live in Des Moines, and this is a mess. Friday, August 13th (the first Friday night of the fair) is known as "Eastside Night". The state fairgrounds are on the East side of Des Moines and it's the night Eastsiders come out and celebrate the fair. It's silly, but it's a tradition. This year on Eastside Night a group of black people attacked more than one person and stabbed 3. They were witnessed saying things like "we're here to take over the eastside" and "this is our side of town now". The east side of DM is predominantly white. How is that not supposed to be taken as a racial slur knowing this? I'd go so far as to say that the group that caused all this raucous the following weekend was the same group of kids. I am absolutely sick about the fact that this happened during our great state fair! The fair is about agriculture and family fun. I'm sure a large majority of those kids don't even know what 4-H is! This is a bunch of crap! The most entertaining part about all of it is the group of kids tried to turn it into some kind of turf war. We live in Des Moines people. Not Chicago or Detroit or LA or New York. Des Moines. There is no "turf" here, it's not nearly big enough. The "ghetto" is only 15 blocks wide. Hell, most of those kids would be scared shiatless if they were dumped in the middle of Caprini Green (sp?)
Where is the FBI hate crimes unit and the federal prosecutor? If all rules apply equally, this federal response should be coming quickly.
Does this mean that "Kick a G**k in the Groin Day" and "Bludgeon a W*P Weekend" are postponed?
I love Italians. The W*PS Don't Stop, my friend!
Cops should be allowed to beat people like back in the good old days. Say FU to a cop and get a nightstick across the face. That would teach these kids some respect. They obviously aren't learning it at home.
The defenders of these people, such as labazro and missksmith are re-enforcing the stereotype that black people refuse to take personal responsibility for their actions. Seriously, how can you excuse people ganging up and beating this guy, screaming racist chants all the while? The people who did this are savages, and the people who defend this sort of behavior with cries of "we were enslaved by the white man" do a disservice to the black race and its history.
Funny how the comments section always brings out these white racists who probably don't think their prejudice during the day. Once you don't have to own up in person, all the truthful ugliness comes right out.
labazro, I'm not racist... I'm a realist. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and has feathers like a duck, it's probably a duck. I could care less what color it is. By the way, your grammar stinks. "Their" should be "they're" or "they are".
How come you have no comment for the black racists?
I wish they could have tried that with me because we would have five less scumbags walking around.
Where's Reverend Al?
Wrong Title. If it were "Beat Blackie Night" Al and Jessie will be all over it like white on Rice. That goes for the media outlets too. This is what Whitey gets for voting in Obama.
man, you people don't get it. You think any of jackasses involved were contemplating history? It is wrong to beat any one up for the color of their skin. If these were dumb white kids saying it was beat blacky night, it would be the exact same thing. Put the soap boxes away.
lets go back before the all this mess and talk about the white man enslaved by the red man...the arapaho in texas enslaved the white man and women...lets talk that
The comment that blacks are naturally violent? What B.S. Lets start with the Atlantic Slave trade where millions of Africans were raped and killed during that passage by the hands of whites. Lets not even go that far back, lets talk about Emmett Till who was killed for simply whistling at a white woman. If you want to make stereo-typical comments about blacks and violence, know your own history. As for Obama, he sure is catching alot of slack. He has to clean up all the B.S of the Bush administration. How he deceived Americans, telling us there was "Weapons of Mass Destruction". Now he is on his farm hunting deer and drinkin bud, checking on his stocks of all the oil he stole during his Presidency and Obama is left to clean up his Sh*t>
You conveniently forget a lot of history, don't you? Like how the slave trade was helped by the africans themselves, trading enemies (and occasionally friends) for weaponry and money. Let's talk about Africa today, where we can see at least four different genocides, countless wars, and nonstop violence. Let's talk about the crime rate among Africans in the US, which is the highest by race, with those same people committing a majority of violent crimes even though they're in the minority population-wise. And Obama is catching slack because he's a double-speaking lying commie sack of crap. You seem to forget that he voted for a lot of the crap that he's now ignoring hoping it'll go away.
Wow, missksmith came out with slavery right outta the gate. Way too early in the morning for that stuff. "miss" If you think about it those mean old white people were only buying a product that someone else was selling. a newfangled machine to help with labor back on the plantation or farm. the black guy. prolly asked the salesman "what do you do if it stops working?" and i bet the salesman didnt say a word just turned and hit one with a whip.
This is great - this needs to be all over the MSM, yet I haven't seen it anywhere, except the fringe internet. Sooner or later people are gonna wake up to the fact that blacks are a violent race, way more violent that either whites or anyone else in the country, statistically. Gnomesayin?
if you wanna lean a bit toward accuracy with that one Hoosier Daddy say that blacks r violent people. Not a violent race. no race is more violent than the white man. Inquisition anyone? Crusades? Holocaust? American Gladiators?
Great historical points Ruckus. Now, just to bring you back to current reality - even Jesse Jackson said he would be more nervous if three young black men were following him than if they were white. And look at where most of the crime, drive-by shootings, murders occur? Black neighborhoods. You can blame it on poverty, but there are many poor white people in America, and you don't have the same violent crime in their neighborhoods, which I admit are often rural. The problem is cultural, not poverty. Black crime is usually black on black, so that doesn't get much attention. It is also part of black culture not to cooperate with police, so that makes the problem even worse. This incident would be all over the cable news if it was a white mob attacking blacks, but the media generally ignores it when the situation is reversed.
Can you even imagine the uproar this would have caused in the media had the colors been reversed (beat blackie night). O my god,...all "Whitey" would be condemned to hell by the great and all mighty Sharpton. Not to mention, it would have added to the "oppression" that these poor young black men are suffering. Give me a break, had I not read this disturbing article, I probably would have never heard of this incident. It is so hard to not be a racist these days. Sorry.