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Wrestlers Busted For Locker Room Harassment

Cops: H.S. quartet tormented 15-year-old teammate


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H.S. Wrestlers Charged

MAY 27--A quartet of high school wrestlers from Wisconsin’s state championship team is facing criminal charges for allegedly sexually harassing a fellow grappler in the squad’s locker room.

A 15-year-old boy told cops about his Lincoln High School teammates “dancing around him while they are naked, swinging their penises at him,” according to a criminal complaint based on an investigation by Wisconsin Rapids Police Department officers.

The freshman wrestler told cops that he was harassed “about five to ten times” during the season, and that “during some of those occasions he was hit by each of their penises on his leg.” Additionally, he told of one incident in the shower when a teammate “placed his penis on [victim’s] butt.” The boy added that he “could not get away because he was boxed in by two other wrestlers.”

On another occasion, the victim said that he “had to climb into a locker” to prevent being hit in the face by the penis of another wrestler.

Investigators learned of the alleged harassment after the boy’s mother contacted the school’s principal to report that her son did not want to go to the team banquet “because of the sexual harassment he was receiving.”

Police interviewed six witnesses who confirmed aspects of the boy’s account of his abuse. As a result, the four wrestlers were charged this week with misdemeanor disorderly conduct, according to the complaint filed in Wood County Circuit Court.

The defendants are Zachary Benitz, 18; Kasey Einerson, 17; Rylan Lubeck, 17; and Devin Peterson, 17. Benitiz’s father is coach of the school’s wrestling team, which this year won its 20th team state championship. Benitz, Einerson, Lubeck, and Peterson are pictured, clockwise from upper left, in the above photos. (3 pages)

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It makes you wonder what these four do when no one is around to torment with their penises... Oh wait.. That's easy.. They Fark each other.. Not that there's anything wrong with that..
IMHO, too many posters on this board are considering these four boys athletic abilities as excuses for bad behavior. Some have gone so far as discussing stats instead of the pertinent details of the case. That’s tantamount to sticking your head in the ground and hoping it all goes away. It is true these boys are excellent athletes and they are to be commended for their accomplishments but I’m sorry boys that’s all you get from me. You get no more. What you’ve been accused of is a very serious crime and it’s a pity the DA of your community doesn’t see it that way. I can only hope that his is an elected position and the voters of your community send his ass out the door come the next election. I would also hope perhaps someone from a higher court might see this and perhaps see what they could do with it to increase the seriousness of the offense. Otherwise, unfortunately, as some of the posters suggested, this does happen frequently, and in High Schools across the United States. Accomplished athletes let it go to their head and their ego gets the better of them and they get the mistaken impression they can act any way they choose and unfortunately some of their smaller peers or those less likely to defend themselves take the brunt of the attacks, both verbal and physical. There are those amongst us who will say that never happens, but lets be honest, the junior high and high school years are vicious. It is historical. It doesn’t make it right, but those are the facts. This is what makes things like Columbine happen. This time the kid told his mom instead of getting weapons and going back to school. I would say these were some pretty lucky wrestlers any way you look at it and the city of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin is damn fortunate they aren’t the focus of a national news story of another tragic school shooting.
I skimmed through a bunch of comments, and a few of them stood out to me. Especially MisstrickWRs. For starters, Mistrick is obviously one of their mothers, as are half of the comments supporting the kids. I won't argue against that, but if you're going to support them, don't lie and pretend to me a student, or someone you're not. Your bias, obviously, and you should admit it when supporting what you say. The 4 deserve to be punished, especially if he's disabled. Bullying of any kind is disgusting, especially if they can't even defend themselves. A lot of people will support them just because of their athletic abilities, but I feel that everyone should suffer because of the poor decision made by these students. Parents should have brought them up better than this.
If you fart in a uni-tard does it get trapped inside the uni?
Another brillant homophobic remark... you should be proud of yourself.... Really....
The wrestling world is small. My sons who wrestle told me about this last night. I thought they must have the story wrong. When they said the alleged victim had some disabilities I felt physically ill. It is my opinion that adults are culpable in this scenario as well. What kind of culture exists in their world to make the boys feel for even a moment that this is acceptable? Do the people these boys know worship "winning"? Who is telling these boys that one of the primary objectives in sports is to develop character? I know my own kids have made many mistakes and will make many more. If one of these boys was my child I would be telling them that their prestigious awards mean so little to me compared to how I feel about the way they treat others. These boys are tough as nails on the mat. I hope they have the courage to be tough as nails in their spirit. I hope the adults who care about them lead by example and avoid making excuses and instead accept responsibility. Being humble takes a lot of strength. I know there a lot of great people who live in that community. I hope they use this situation as an opportunity to help their talented athletes to understand that champions do what is right on and off that mat.
Honestly, everybody needs to stop accusing these boys of doing something that hasnt been proven. This story has been blown way out of proportion and has been taken way to far. The boys shower naked together in the locker room, of course they are going to see another guys penis! These guys are teenagers so of course they are going to goof around in the locker room and swing there penis' around. I highly doubt that JK ever came in contact with any of the other guys penis'. This is only one side of the story so stop judging them and making rude comments when you dont have any idea what actually went on.
Far from being blown out of proportion? Ever been on the other side of harassment? Or have it happen to someone in your family and see if you’re singing the same tune. No one talking about showering or's about touching and putting this kid thru harassment. You highly doubt? What makes you so sure? There are several witnesses, what do you think people are going to think. I’m starting to have my doubts if they are innocent after reading the police report with several others that observed it. The police nor the DA would file charges if they didn’t think they had a good case.
Fear not people. The fab four will have an illustrious career in law enforcement. That's where most of these bully types end up.
The more I think about this unpleasant incident, the more I hope it’s not true. Unfortunately with the number of witness they have, with the police filing charges, there is a pretty good chance that it happened. I thought why only a disorderly conduct charges? Does not make any sense to me and we may never know why. Did the DA just file this to get things going? Are they going to change the charges before they go to court? Is it because it was male to male contact? If a male did this to a female I can promise you that wouldn’t be the charge it would be a lot harsher.
Uni-tards are GAY. Or it is the required uniform for boys wanting to touch each other and dance around the locker room naked. Fun times--NOT!!!!!!!!!
That is quite possibly the MOST IGNORANT comment ever made about wrestling. Once again, a few bad apples have set a bad example for the sport.... Typical.....
Where was the team's captain? I wrestled in the way-back machine during high school and during a spring training run for athletes of all sports at the high school, there was fairly convincing rumor (at least to me) that I was going to get thrown in the pond near the end of the 3 mile run. I was mortified (all 103 lbs of me). I just told the wrestling team captain (a senior) what I heard and he ran behind and watched me throughout the run. Near the end of the run, three members of the soccer team veered my way and surrounded me about 30 yds from the pond. The captain for the wrestling team came up and asked something to the affect "What the hell are you guys planning to do?" They took one look at him, and sprinted to the locker room. Hell, I was in 9th grade at the time and very grateful for the assistance of a senior I hardly knew who didn't like bullies, predators, etc. and basically stood up for me. And since then (decades ago as a 3rd degree black belt who has fought against other national teams of five different countries and never lost a match), I've always confronted the bullies. FWIW, the only pranking I saw at the time occurred with a deaf freshman on the soccer team who wore ear receivers and an amplifier on his chest. Other teammates would speak to him just by mouthing words. When the fellow turned up the volume via the dial strapped to his chest, then they started yelling - at a level where this fellow had to pull the ear receivers out because the volume was unbearable. I did nothing the first time this occurred. That was my fault, but I promised myself "never again". After that, he'd look at me when someone was apparently talking to him, and if I shook my head, he'd leave the volume adjustment knob alone. It's not the number of state or national championships that deserve support. It's about honesty and integrity. I'd like to think that those involved would also agree...
The late great Neil Rogers, a South Florida talk show institution told us years ago, how high school wrestlers and Canadian Junior Hockey is riddled with outrageous and criminal homosexual behavior. The sad part is that the youngest and most naïve have no idea what is coming when they join these sports. This is nothing new, and I never, ever give wrestling a second thought that they are nothing but a bunch of butt sniffing queer boys.
And guess who catches sh*t when little homos like these 4 tries to molest other guys? The gay community, who's got nothing to do with this criminal behavior. The "religious" groups use these kind of stories against gay people who aren't nasty, aren't little perverts and soon-to-be pedophiles and registered sex offenders. These 4 f*gs don't belong to our community! Just their pervert parents and the town of closet cases that worships them. If these were openly gay students doing this sh*t, there would be a holocaust of gay people all over the country - because most Americans are unstable. So I say punish these little fa**ots to the fullest extent.
And I'd most definitely want this Kasey Einerson tested for VD since he was rubbing his dick on the victim's ass. Is that herpes on his face?!?!? Has he been ass-motorboating the entire team?!?
This type of stuff does happen at LHS. It has been going on for years. The coach's own son is involved ha! But the sad thing is that the coach is a local hero and I am sure the charges will be all but dropped. This type of butt kissing and wheel greasing goes on in this area. I do hope they get the maximum if found guilty. Also make them registered sex offenders for LIFE.
Band Geeks ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LIKE! Yes, unfortunately, some members of the community look at former and current athletes as heroes and turn a blind eye to their bad behavior. If these boys are found guilty the coach should be fired. We need positive male role models as coaches, not overgrown punks.
So all of you people who are saying this kind of thing goes on in boys' locker rooms all the time are saying that "well, it happens a lot, so there's nothing wrong with it." Just because something happens frequently doesn't mean its ok. The reason this is allowed to happen is because the victims are embarrassed and just want to be accepted and the offenders are treated like kings because the school relies on their performances as athletes for funding. This kind of crap has been swept under the rug at Lincoln for years. The Benitz and Biegel boys are a families of wrestlers and football players. The dads are the coaches and their dads were their coaches. All other sports get second hand equipment and attention, and forget about any other extracurricular activities. Football and wrestling get the funds. The guys walk down the hall verbally and physically harrassing anyone they want to because they can do no wrong. The ONLY reason this is being investigated is because the school didn't have the chance to do it first. They would have NEVER taken it to the cops. Its about time this crap was exposed.
Exactly! Just because it happens a "a lot", does not mean in any circumstance that it's okay or normal. This is just one case where the boy got sick of it and stood up for himself.. those of you who think this behavior is "normal" have some serious issues!
And yes, I know that none of the Beigel's were involved in this incident. But they are an example of how the nepotism protects and allows this abhorrent behavior to continue through the generations.
Its just harmless fun, people. If it feels good, do it...
You've got to be kidding me....
Isn't that NAMBLA's creed?
And we'll probably be seeing you soon on the Family Watchdog website.
So everyone thinks they know what happened. You have the side that thinks because they know the 4 accused. They think that they would have never had done anything like this. (Remember there were people that knew Dahmer and didn’t think he could do what he did) so you really never know. Before you go commenting back that it’s not the same thing, just using it as an example. Then you have the side that think they are guilty before their day in court. Those of you that say this “kind of stuff” goes on in the locker rooms. You’re crazy. Here are some real fact of stuff that is typical of any sport… Boys dancing in the showers is one thing, sliding on the shower floor is one thing. The stuff they are accused of is NOT NORMAL!!!!!! If these boys are found guilty they should be disciplined to the full extent. They should have to sit out wrestling their senior year. Lot’s of times high schools discipline by make the penalty be the next sport. In this case they should be banned from all sport for their senior year. Their coaches should all be terminated. Why you ask? Because they are responsible for the team and they need to understand it’s not just about winning championships. It’s about winning, learning, growing, teaching… they were responsible for the wrestlers on the team, if this truly happened multiple times they were obviously not supervising them. It makes me sick to my stomach to think these kids would do something like this. Then throw in the fact that this victim has some challenges…if you boys really did this you have lost a lot of respect in the wrestling community and in general. I’m sure the wrestling community thought the world of these wrestlers and if found guilty I’m one that will not hold them in high regards any longer. If the 4 are found guilty, Rapids needs to be real careful how they handle this. You will be telling everyone what is more important… wrestling and your championships or the welfare of others.
Isn't it a bit odd that for such a simple article (which has been blown all out of proportion), there are so many people who 'know' or 'knew' or 'are related' to the 4 accused. I mean, is TSG really that popular at Lincoln High? IF what they are accused of is true, that's pretty fuggin sick... HOWEVER, one shouldn't read what they see on teh interwebz and assume it's true without further investigation. At one point everyone thought that the world was flat and that god existed, but that was many moons ago. At the end of the day, none of us are judges, members of the jury or working for the prosecution or defence (and if you are, you need to leave now, you may have somewhat of a conflict of interest). The four accused will (hopefully) be subject to the rule of law and punished accordingly, if that is the will of the courts.
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How is it 'blown all out of proportion'? It's not just an 'internet story'. Did you read the police report? Did you notice that there were numerous witnesses that corroborated the victims story? What reason would all of them have to lie? What would they get out of it? I'll say it again....the accused would have a reason to save their own asses.
Poor grammar and misspellings aside, that was very sweet dexter. Now..... you ought to take some of your own advice sparky.
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It's perfectly natural to conclude that someone prone to frequently refer to penis, "dick" and sex with men is either female or gay. I'm fine with it. Have a nice day sweety.
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Alright. I don't even know where to start. I would like to say that I personally know Devin, Rylan, Zak, Kasey, and their families. I have also been around JK enough to know how the kid acts. There is no hard evidence that this actually happened other than someones word. Which happens to be hand selected people! Now tell me if that's not wrong! Before any of you haters on here say anything, I would like to say that I agree that the boys should get into some kind of trouble and that I think that they shouldn't have done what they did (what they did is NOT what the paper makes it out to be even if they did anything at all). The four kids are all very nice kids and would never do some of the things that the paper said they did. Don't you think that it's a little far fetched? And I'm pretty sure that all of this made national news becasue of what they have accomplished. If it had been just an average athlete, I do not believe that things would have been taken to this measure. If you ask anyone in the wrestling world who Devin Peterson, Zak Benitz, Rylan Lubeck, and Kasey Einerson are, they're gonna say that they know who they are. So why not make something National news about four well known athletes? (it's because everyone knows who they are for all of you morons that don't have a clue to what's going on; so basically I'm talking to 95% of you that have posted on here). Yes that's right. I said you don't know what's going on; meaning you don't know the whole story of what really happened. I've talked to a lot of people about this lately so I'm pretty sure I have my facts straight unlike most of you. And shame on the people that are harassing these kids on here as we speek. All four of those kids will accomplish great things when they graduate next year! You will all understand when the boys are proven innocent!
Let me get this straight.... You acknowledge that there are witnesses and enough evidence that you yourself even consider the boys ought to be punished. Just not very much because YOU happen to know and like them. Frankly dude, most of us have known guys like this at one time or another in our lives. They are despicable and you are an enabler. By the grace of god a family member of yours will have the opportunity to give you a firsthand perspective on this sort of situation some time in the near future. Hopefully a young son or daughter. Maybe your mom or wife. I'm saying a little prayer.
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How do you sleep at night .. This boy was helpless.. These boys will accomplish great things in prison.. Where they will fit in .. Men there love to put their members on people..
It made nationwide news because these boys are PIGS, and THUGS, for picking on someone they feel is beneath them. No student is worth more than another just because of sports, all are equally as important as the next. I also feel if these PIGS,recieved any scholarships, and having attended the scholarship event on more than one occasion, chances are they recieved some.... should be taken away. These are an honor and these boys have none.