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Wrestlers Busted For Locker Room Harassment

Cops: H.S. quartet tormented 15-year-old teammate


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H.S. Wrestlers Charged

MAY 27--A quartet of high school wrestlers from Wisconsin’s state championship team is facing criminal charges for allegedly sexually harassing a fellow grappler in the squad’s locker room.

A 15-year-old boy told cops about his Lincoln High School teammates “dancing around him while they are naked, swinging their penises at him,” according to a criminal complaint based on an investigation by Wisconsin Rapids Police Department officers.

The freshman wrestler told cops that he was harassed “about five to ten times” during the season, and that “during some of those occasions he was hit by each of their penises on his leg.” Additionally, he told of one incident in the shower when a teammate “placed his penis on [victim’s] butt.” The boy added that he “could not get away because he was boxed in by two other wrestlers.”

On another occasion, the victim said that he “had to climb into a locker” to prevent being hit in the face by the penis of another wrestler.

Investigators learned of the alleged harassment after the boy’s mother contacted the school’s principal to report that her son did not want to go to the team banquet “because of the sexual harassment he was receiving.”

Police interviewed six witnesses who confirmed aspects of the boy’s account of his abuse. As a result, the four wrestlers were charged this week with misdemeanor disorderly conduct, according to the complaint filed in Wood County Circuit Court.

The defendants are Zachary Benitz, 18; Kasey Einerson, 17; Rylan Lubeck, 17; and Devin Peterson, 17. Benitiz’s father is coach of the school’s wrestling team, which this year won its 20th team state championship. Benitz, Einerson, Lubeck, and Peterson are pictured, clockwise from upper left, in the above photos. (3 pages)

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Shame on you for defending these spoiled brats! And how do you know what happened in the locker room...unless you were there yourself?? Maybe you were involved? Hmmmmm.....
If the victim was sitting on a bench thats in front of the lockers and one of the penis boys was standing his penis was most likely at face level and the others were blocking his escape the locker may have been the only way to keep from having that pervs penis in his face.
Have fun "goofing around" with your boyfriend.
Yeah, get over here next to us so we can slap you in the face with our 3-foot penises and make you back into a locker. Then you can file a complaint too! :)
First I would like to point out that I am not one of the boys nor am I in any way involved with one. I am simply a student that attends the same school as them. Everyone on here needs to stop with these comments. Even if this story truly did happen now all of you are harrassing them. These boys are talented and are all hard-workers that do not deserve to be treated the way that all of you are treating them. I do not believe that this story is nearly to the extent that everyone is making it out to be. Yes, some of the boys may have just been kidding around, but I do not believe that any of them would try to harrass a kid. In every sport this happens. It is just not brought to this much attention. You can not single out just these four guys and not even think of all the other sports and locker rooms this happens in. The only reason that this is so blown out of proportion is because these boys are talented and at the top of what they do. I have spoken to each one of these boys at some point and just from that I know that they would not have done something to this magnitude. These boys are driven and would never do something so stupid to jeopardize their futures. At most, they probably were probably joking around like all the other boys in every other sport. So, stop calling these guys these names. No matter what actually happened no one has the right to call someone what almost all of you have been calling them. Even if it did actually happen, let the school handle it. Props to andtheycallmesyd. The only other person standing up for these boys. And anyways they are still young and in high school of course they are going to mess up and do something stupid, that does not mean that they should be harrassed.
Everyone I am sorry if you have taken my statement the wrong way. I certainly mean that I do not believe it was to the extent that it was said. However, that is only what I think. This could have happened and in that case they should not get off easy. Yet, even if they did do it, it is not for anyone on here to accuse because it has yet to be proven. I was not in that locker room so I can not be sure of the truth, only the people in there know. Just please have some decency and not be so harsh until the truth is known.
Don't try to justify their bad behavior. You weren't involved, so your speculation on the case is no better than the people on the internet you would like to stop talking about it. (Or maybe you were involved and you're standing up for them because you do the same thing and are trying to convince yourself it's okay.) Nobody's standing up for them because the evidence against them is daunting. Bashing perverts and sexual abusers is what we do here.
He has more authority on this than you or the other bashers do, since he knows the guys. You're just another toughguy-wannabe who read something on the internet.
How do you or we know that he knows these pervs just because he said he does does not make it true.How do we know your not one of them
Keep your chin up "JK". You have TONS of people supporting you. Unfortunately its hard to see that sometimes with all the jokers & crazies out there in the world. I am proud of you & your family for taking a stand against this behavior, and HOPEFULLY this will pave way to ease others' fears about coming forward when people bully them to this magnitude. HUGS to you & your family...
First of all i am very proud of the freshman for sticking up for himself and all others these 4 assailants may have harassed and defiled. The acts that they committed are perverse to say the least, but what may be even worse is the feeling the poor victim must have felt when cowering in a locker from the 4 degenerates. Imagine the circumstances,a younger weaker boy being subdued by 4 older males and there is nothing in his power he can do to make them stop..... everyone sees what is going on but is either unable or unwilling to to help. That has got to be one of the worst feelings a person can experience, helplessness....
That's exactly why it should be 2nd degree sexual assault-not only did they intimidate him, degrade him. They had sexual contact with the victim-all of these behaviors are surely devastating to one's emotional well-being. Why is it that a child molestor can act this way & get charged correctly but boys who have a "social status" get disorderly conduct?! Something is VERY fishy...
These kids are future residents of West Hollywood. They'll be turning $40.00 tricks on Santa Monica Blvd.
I think the four (4) boys wanted to cross their streams. Or They are all butt pirates practicing sword techniques prior to seeing pirates of the caribbean. The victim should have had scissors in his locker. A few snips would have avoided future attacks.
Don't you know ANYTHING?!?! You should never cross the streams, unless of course your client (the nice lady) paid you in advance before turning into a dog.
I am proud of JK and his parents. It took a lot of guts to report something like this. I only wish he would have reported this sooner. The coaches and 4 students should be held responsible to the fullest here. There's no excuse for what was done to JK. You can't tell us that teammates and coaches didn't know this was going on? Of course someone did. I hope they are expelled from school as well. What is being called disorderly conduct here should really be 2nd degree sexual assault.
I agree-expelled, any chance of college scholarships from sports removed, no extra-curricular of any kind! The school needs to be tougher on these boys--what message is this sending about assault & bullying?!?!
Rapids has an opportunity here to set a standard that their school will not tolerate this behavior. To let these four men off easily would be an embarrassment to the team and the choices of the administration of the school district. It would be an opportunity horribly missed. What a shame that this happened in Rapids, but do what is right and set an example.
I completely agree!! They could demonstrate how bullying is dealt with, how they don't care WHO assaulted a victim-that they want to seek justice. So far not so good to demonstrate an example when you only charge these young men with disorderly conduct. Man-I have a feeling some big things are going to happen if this doesn't get dealt with properly!!
Rght on.
Students are citizens entitled to protection. Nobody, child or adult, should have to put up with bullies. Every parent of a child who is bullied needs to demand action by the school and/or the local police.
OMG! Something happened to Lady Di!
Wisconsin Rapids wrestling have set themselves up for the huge fall they have just taken. They believe they are better than everyone else and portray themselves in an UGLY vain manner wherever they go. Bullying is BULLYING, no matter WHO you are or what State Titles you hold.
AMEN wrestling fan!!
IGNORANCE Do you need help pronouncing the word?
I think these kids wanna grow up and be just like the DA in Wisconsin Rapids and were just acting out. Maybe they thought it was a private locker room, and not a public locker room?
I can't believe the arrogance & stupidity of you people. Again, think of if it was your friend, sister, g/f. Would you think differently?! And what would the school be doing or the police if the shoe was on the other foot & the precious athletes were the victims? School is supposed to be a safe place. Activities are supposed to be fun not rediculous and degrading!! And once again-I don't care if this stuff happens in locker rooms all the time. Then I feel sorry for those kids that aren't reporting it in their schools. And hopefully this paves the way for more victims to come forward-no matter what sex/nationality/orientation. There is something to be said about society when we try & justify this B.S no matter who the victim is. I will help out any way shape or form. I am not afraid of arrogant morons who think they are better than everyone else-as a matter of fact; I welcome the challenge. Even one voice can make a difference. And I plan to stand tall & help this boy & his family seek justice.
I don't know what you are reading but not many people here are on the side of those 4 clowns.
I agree Paladin. I was speaking to the ones making the remarks about JK & downplaying what happened. I bet Dr. Phil & other shows like Dateline, 60 minutes would enjoy hearing about this...especially since this "happens all the time" & is acceptable. And thanks to all the ignorant people that DO post all of this B.S. It will make helping this family much easier for the prosecution.
Got ya my fault sorry should have asked who side you were on first.
We all *KNOW* what these four dudes were looking for: Blow jobs.
It is clear that there are a lot of gays closeted and open who are putting down this 15 year old boy for standing up and reporting this gay sexual activities of these 4 bullies. Behavior like this is never proper or acceptable, whether the victim is gay or straight, male or female. When these 4 boys become gay soldiers in the military, it will be clearly understood why the 95 percent of normal service personnel do not want to be billeted with them in the first place.
You are all horrible. The things you are saying about 4 men. Stuff like this happens in the locker room all the time. That doesn't make it okay or right but it's common place. I'm proud of the kid for being able to stick up for himself, and the police are HANDLING it. So maybe you should all knock your shiatty ass comments off and stop stooping to the 4 boys level. You're saying that they're gay and homo's and all these mean things. That's not only offensive to people who actually are gay, but people who know the four boys. You're HARRASSING the four boys when you degrade their hair, their look, and their sexuality. I don't know what happened in that locker room, and you can't be sure either. So before you go pointing fingers, stop and think about what you're saying, and if you're being any better than the people who *** up. Oh and another thing, leave the damn coaches out of it. They're amazing coaches and they do their jobs. If they knew about it, they would've done something. Mr.Benitz believes in more than a damn state title. He actually cares about his team. And you ask where he was? Wouldn't he be considered a "creeper" or something if he sat in the locker room watching his boys to make sure none of this happens?? Coaches base their teams with a foundation of trust. It's been broken, and the 4 boys *** up. So now they're PAYING for why don't you all grown up and stop with the stupid comments. I've yet to see a decent comment against the boys. and Guess what? I'm sure they did do it. But that doesn't make them gay, or f*gs, or other derogatory remark you'd like to make
No, this does not happen in locker rooms all of the time. Hazing does happen, but guys slapping their penises on one another? Maybe in bathhouses, but not in a high school or college locker room. What kind of locker rooms have you been hanging out in?
People wouldn't be pointing fingers if these boys hadn't started pointing dicks...
So the coach is Mr.Benitz and one of the 4 wrestlers is Zac Benitz is Mr.Benitz Zac's Father or Uncle? And I bet your one of the 4 who wrote this dribble if thats the case why don't you and your 3 penis playing buddies go off somewere and play with each other and leave others alone not everyone is into playing with d**** like you clowns.
Well, I do agree with you on one thing, that the kid who stuck up for himself is worthy of praise. But as for the rest ... Actually, when we refer to the F*gtastic Four as gays or say they are engaging in such activity, we are in no way being homophobic. What we ARE doing is using irony and laughing at a bunch of guys who think they're better than someone else. These guys are nothing more than a pack of bullies and should be treated with the disrespect that they deserve. These poor lost sheep who ganged up and bullied someone who really couldn't fight back were surely enjoying their behavior ... up untiil the point where it got reported. You think these guys wouldn't like being called gay? Well, that's partly whey we're calling them that. You say we're harassing them? I only WISH they were reading the comments posted here. They seemed okay with engaging in it, unless you're saying the F*gtastic Four can dish it out but they can't take it. Too bad for them, they better get used to taking it. So, stuff like that happens in locker rooms all the time? Well, welcome to the internet, where calling out creeps and mocking them also happens all the time. Finally, if you can't see that whipping out their units and placing them on this kids body makes them gay, then I just don't know what to say.
Bober-this took a lot of courage for JK to come forward, and I am sure he was so embarrassed he didn't want to come forward. From my understanding, he told his parents & they helped get this going. I am sure the way people are reacting on here is why someone wouldn't report it. And as an assault victim myself, I can somewhat relate. You have to face the pain head on when you report something of this magnitude, when some victims feel that "sweeping it under the rug" will make it go away. This type of abuse is such an emotionally damaging thing-more so than the actual physical abuse.l And wow-the "this happens all the time so its ok" mentality is disgusting! Would some of you be saying the same thing if it was your girlfriend/sister/your own kid who was assaulted by these creeps?!? Its NO different than that. This behavior is NOT ok in any way shape or form. And quite frankly, I will be doing my part to get the D.A to change the charges.
Oh somebody is a mama's boy who doesn't need to be hanging out in locker rooms. Come on, this kind of crap goes on in locker rooms all the time. I'm sure that junior really likes it and dreams of these four when he goes to sleep. Chances are, he reciprocated and they turned him down and so this is his revenge to get them in trouble for not letting him do you know what to their you know whats. Just sayin is all. Experience: 8 years as a jock in high school in college. I've seen it all.
Again, this kind of stuff does not happen in locker rooms all of the time. Hazing, yes. Slapping genitals on others, no.
@ brett bouler. I dont think everyone is as accustomed to having penises in there face as your are by the looks of your comment. Also, "Seen it all" and "Expierence", very poor word choice when you are talking about sexual harassment and locker rooms, but hey maybe you like that stuff, you and the ***tastic 4 should make a play date and considering you are "experienced" maybe you can teach them a thing or two, better yet you can go join a bunch of people like the 4 and yourself in jail!
Jock your more like a moron bet you even enjoy playing your little penis games with the boys in the locker room. Just because you like it does not mean everyone does and the same goes for dreaming of penises man you must be into d*** big time.
The hilarious thing is "jock" no longer has the same meaning as it used to. Now the definition is a pathetic gay man who's never played sports in his life who thinks he's a "jock" because he wears Abercrombie. They go online with lame handles like "LadyGagaJock", "LipGlossJock", "MadonnaJock", "StreisandJock". If you ask them a question about sports, since they're such a jock and all, they look clueless.
Wow. A mama's boy who wants revenge because the jocks weren't responding to him?? Puh-leez! You obviously have the same mentality as the same people who say women ask for rape when they dress a certain way. And I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but IF what you disgustingly imply is true, the jocks DID reciprocate by this entire circus in the locker room.
Thanks for letting us know you've had quite a few locker cocks in your mouth. Blaming the victim as most "jocks" do. Why are you making fantasy of the situation? Jealous?
they should lock up those punks so they can have some real big penises slapped on their faces and worse...........
Ironically Benitiz's grandfather (former Rapids Head Coach) gave a speech this year during the 2011 Freestyle/Greco State Championships, held at Rapids every year, stating that he had never been more disappointed with wrestling fans, and the sport would die because the fans/participants had left the gym littered with beverage bottles, didn't volunteer to clean up, work tables, or help at the tournament... Maybe he should have been more concerned with the GARBAGE in his locker room than water bottles on the floor.
Bullying occurred and it should be dealt with, but why did this young man wait until the end of the season to report all of these things? If students want something done they need to report it.
Probably threats from the coach and/or players. If he screwed up state, all the men in town would be raping him - because it's the "heterosexual thing" to do. Man ass lovers = straight.
Wow. Disorderly conduct?! For an act that occurred several times? Making the victim uncomfortable and scarred? Yup. Good call Whiskey Rapids Police. They should get charged with full-blown sexual assault. It doesn't matter WHO they are, and WHAT they do--kudos to the championship. HOWEVER-this is disgusting and I hope all the people defending these boys don't have to go through what JK & his family have to go through. Sexual assault is SEXUAL ASSAULT! Does it matter if the boy is hearing impaired or not?! No! So, how would the school handle it if the tables were turned?? It doesn't matter what your status is. That is a crock. EVERYONE should be punished the same. And I am PROUD of JK and his family for taking this stand against B.S behavior like this. Here is the WI state statute which is a 2nd degree sexual assault charge: 940.225(2)(b) (b) Has sexual contact or sexual intercourse with another person without consent of that person and causes injury, illness, disease or impairment of a sexual or reproductive organ, or mental anguish requiring psychiatric care for the victim.